How I Fell In Love With My Best Friend


It has been three years since I lost my friend, Julius who was the only one who understood me. He was my best and yet my only friend since sixth grade. The one who showed me light in my darkest days. We would always eat, laugh, sing and play together. He's a good friend to me and he was always there to protect me.

Julius is a popular guy. An athlete, honor student, student leader and a musician. Tall and white. Girls go head over heels for him because of his beautiful reddish brown eyes, his muscular body and his stunning singing voice. He was an amazing guy. He's like perfection. I first felt insecure but, he showed the good in me and showed me his imperfections and I started to become more confident about myself. Humble, understanding and kind. That is how I saw him and that is the reason why I fell for him.

Yes, I'm gay and I fell in love with my best friend and now, allow me to tell my story.

The End

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