Chapter Twenty-Two

When I came round we were back in the car and Jenny was driving very fast.  I shook my head to clear it but only succeeded in making myself feel dizzy.

'She's back.'  Louise handed me a bottle of water from where she was sitting in the front seat.  'How are you feeling?'  I took a few careful sips of the water, trying to judge just how sick I was feeling.

'I think I'm OK.  What's with the rush Jenny?  Shouldn't we have stayed to find out what happened?'

Jenny didn't even turn round to look at me.  'It's pretty clear what happened, someone found out we were going to talk to Jakob and killed him before we could get there.  He obviously knew something someone didn't want us to know.'

'So what now then?'  I took a gulp of water, soothing my sore throat.  'Are we going back to school or what?'

'We're going to the records office.'  Jenny indicated to turn off the motorway.  'From what I know Jakob didn't socialze with anyone or even leave his house after he was let out of the psychiatric ward so whatever he knew must have been from before that.'

'And how is the records office going to help us with that?'  I rubbed my forehead, my head was still spinning slightly.

'Most organisations are registered somewhere and keep lists of their members.  If Jakob was registered with a group who have found out about our existence then there should be some record of them somewhere.'


Jenny scanned the shelves of files looking for the one she wanted.  Louise and I followed behind her.

'How did you get in here with no authorisation?  No let me guess, friends in the right places?'

'You got it.'  Jenny pulled out a file.  'I think this is where we should start.'  I caught a quick glimpse of the name on the file.

'They actually have societies that are called The Society for the Elimination of Supernatural Threats?'

'Seriously?!'  Louise looked at the file, her eyes growing wide.  'We're in bigger trouble than I thought.'

'Most of the societies are harmless in themselves.  There are a few members who could be a threat to our people but mostly they're nothing to worry about.'  She opened the file and started flicking through the sheets of paper until she found the list of members.  'Here, check the names.'  She handed half the pile of paper to me and the other to Louise.  'Unfortuantely it's not in alphabetical order so we'll have to go through all of it to see if we can find him.'

We groaned but sat down and started looking through the long list of names on the paper in front of us.  I could tell we would be here for a while.


Ten files later, and we still hadn't found Jakob's name in any of the lists of society members.

'We're not going to find it Jenny.  If the society Jakob belonged to were serious about their beliefs then they wouldn't have registered in case-'

'Got him.'  I felt annoyed that Louise had chosen that moment to prove me wrong.  'Jakob Alan Clark.  He was a member of,' she looked at the binding on the file,' the Prevention of Supernatural Activities Society.'  Jenny looked confused as she looked through the rest of that file.

'That's odd.'


'This group hasn't been active in eighteen months.  Why would they suddenly strike now?'

The End

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