How I Died Chapter Twenty-One

'They're going to try to send Finn back.'  Jenny's eyes never left the road, she was almost like a statue.

'I don't understand.  Send him where?'  Louise asked looking very confused.  'He's human, so he must come from Earth.'

'He's not human,' I mumbled.  'He's an elf and he and Jenny came here from another planet by accident.'  I turned back to Jenny.  'Why are they sending him back?  Do they have any proof that he is responsible?'

'They don't need proof to say he did it because there is no proof to say he didn't.'  Jenny was fuming now, the anger she had concealed so well was starting to spill over.

'Do they even know it will work?  Or is Finn going to end up being sucked into a black hole and dying?'  I shuddered at the thought of it.

'They've given me ten days to either find someone else responsible or find evidence that Finn is innocent.  We don't have much time so we need to stop asking questions and get a move on.'  She put her foot down ever so slightly more and we sped off


It took us an hour to get to the small town where Jakob Clark was living.  Unfortunately we struggled to find his house.  The roads were a maze and we ended up going round and round in circles.  Finally we discovered the small side road that led onto King Street, which was where Jakob lived.

Jenny parked the Land Rover on the curb and jumped out, quickly followed by me and Louise.  She didn't say anything to us, just walked straight up to the front door and knocked.  The door swung open.

'Hello?'  Jenny took one step inside the house.  'Mr Clark are you there?'

'I'm not sure we should go in.'  Louise was looking decidedly nervous.  'It looks very creepy in there.'

'We're here now so we might as well do something.'  I pushed past Jenny and walked through the hallway yelling, 'Mr Clark?  Jakob?  We aren't going to hurt you, we just want to talk.  It's about a friend of ours.'  I checked the living room, the downstairs bathroom, the two bedrooms upstairs and the main bathroom and couldn't see any sign of him.

I came back down the stairs about to give up when I saw another door out of the corner of my eye.  It was slightly ajar and I approached it cautiously.  'Jakob?  Are you in there?'  I gingerly pushed open the door and immediately regretted it.

The floor was covered in blood as were the worksurfaces and the table.  There had been a struggle as there was glass and broken pieces of plate everywhere.  The body was lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the floor.  Smeared into the blood were the words:

Catch me if you can!

I felt sick and ran out of the house faster than I had ever run before.  Jenny and Louise were still waiting outside.  I gulped in the cold fresh air, cleansing my lungs of the stench of blood.

'Steph are you OK?  Steph what did you find?'  Jenny had changed from looking stern and determined to extremely concerned.

'He's dead.  Jakob, he's been killed.  In the kitchen.  Blood, lots of blood.  Oh my God, so much blood.'  My head started to spin and I could feel arms around me.

'Sit her down.  Now, she's about to faint.'  I was lowered onto the front step, an arm supporting my back so I didn't collapse.  'Wait there Louise, I'm going in to look.'  I heard Jenny's footsteps fading away as she went into the house.

'Steph are you alright?'

'Will people ever stop asking me that?'  I moaned my head still spinning and my stomach still churning.  Footsteps came back towards us.

'He's not ben dead long.  Someone must have known we were coming and wanted to scare us.'

'How can you tell he's only just been killed?'  Louise had a morbid fascination for this which was beginning to worry me.

'He's still warm.'  My eyelids flickered and I fell into darkness.

The End

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