How I Died Chapter Twenty

Things seemed to be a bit more normal the next day.  Well as normal as they could be in a school for people with magical gifts shortly after someone has been murdered. 

People were starting to give me funny looks.  Finn still wasn't allowed back into his lessons and Tom was making no effort to fit in.  As I was associated with both of them I was underconstant scrutiny in case I let anything slip.

Luckily my first lesson was mind control.  My teacher, she still hadn't told me her name, had decided that I should be having private tuition in her subject so while she took me for my lessons another teacher took the normal class.

Over a week I had made good progress.  I could move objects easily with my mind and I was starting to work on creating objects with only the power of the mind.

'You have some very strong magic in you Steph, don't waste it,' was what my teacher kept telling me.  I was starting to believe it.  The other day in class I had been so bored I'd started practising absentmindedly and before I knew it a pen had magically appeared in my hand.  I'd been told off for not concentrating but it was worth it.

'OK then.  You are progressing well but so far you have only been able to conjure up small objects.  We need to try something bigger.  It will take more concentration and will drain you of more energy but I believe you can do it.'  My teacher was pacing up and down the front of the classroom, a habit I had quickly picked up on.

'What is it you want me to create miss?'

'Something bigger than a pen.'  It was all I had really managed to create so far but now I was determined I was going to get this right.  I focused my mind in the way I'd been taught and thought of my object, the guitar I had left at home.  After only a few minutes concentration I could feel beads of sweat starting to form on my forehead and I was starting to feel tired.

'I can't do it.  It's too hard.'

'Yes you can.  What were you trying to create?'

'A guitar.'  She looked thoughtful.

'Maybe a little bit too ambitious.  Try something smaller.'  I focused my mind again this time on something different.  But this time I felt the satisfation that came when I could feel the object materialising.  'Very good Steph.'  She picked up the book that had appeared on the desk in front of me.  'Not a fan of Harry Potter but it's a start.'

The lesson went on in a similar way, the objects she asked me to conjure up slowly got bigger until the bell went.  I staggered out of the classroom, completely exhausted and staggered towards the lunch hall.  Louise and Jenny were waiting for me.

'We're going now,' Jenny whispered.

'But I thought you said it would take a few days.'

'Well...  things have changed and we need to go now.'  Jenny grabbed my hand and pulled me down a corridor I had never been down before.

'Where are we going?  What is it that's changed?  Is Finn OK?'  Jenny groaned.

'You always ask so many questions.  I'll tell you the answers once we're out of here but right now we need to get a move on.'  She led us along dark corridors and through rooms that were empty. 

Then we entered what looked like a large sitting room.  Susan was sitting on a sofa with a magazine.  She hadn't really struck me as the sort of person who would read magazines, she seemed more like a newspaper sort of person to me.

'What's going on here?'  She put down her magazine and stood to face us.

'Nothing Susan.  I just needed some help with something.'

'You know they're not allowed in here.  Staff only.'  Susan hadn't cheered up since I last saw her.

'Well you and I aren't technically staff so therefore we shouldn't be here either.'  That really ruffled Susan's feathers.

'You know what I mean,' she hissed at Jenny who didn't bother to answer and just kept walking.  Eventually we arrived outside.  The Land Rover that had brought me here was waiting for us.

'OK then you two need to hide.'  She opened the boot and motioned to us to get in.

'No way.'  Louise backed off.  'You are not serious?'  Jenny had her no-nonsense face on.  'You are being serious.'

'If you don't want to come then turn back now.'  I took the lead striding over to the car and climbing under the blanket in the boot.

'You are going to pay for this Stephanie.'  Louise followed me under the blanket.  The boot lid slammed shut and I heard the driver's door opening and closing as Jenny got in.

'Now don't come out until I tell you.  Not a word.'  The car roared into life and began crunching over the gravel.  We weren't stopped as we drove towards the gates and out onto the road.  'OK you're safe, you can come out now.'  I threw the blanket off and climbed out of the boot,over the chairs and into the back seat.

'Right then.  So what's happened to make this trip so urgent?'

The End

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