How I Died Chapter Nineteen

'So what are we going to do?'  Louise was sitting cross-legged opposite me on my bed in her pyjamas.  She had calmed down a lot from when I'd told her what was going on earlier.

'I don't know but we have to do something.'  I couldn't think of any way we could help Jenny solve this one.  'I would suggest asking questions but.. I'm not sure we'd get away with that.'

'Who's going to stop us?'

'Miss Bradshaw.  She doesn't like me now, since I left school grounds.  I'm not the perfect student she thought I would be and if I start asking questions...'

'What's the worst she could do?  Isn't Finn worth it?  Isn't Isabel worth it?'  I nodded.  'Good, now where do we start because I don't have a clue?'  The truth was neither did I, I was relying so heavily on Jenny finding something.  On que there was a knock at the door.

'Who is it?'

'It's me,'  I heard Jenny whisper.  'Let me in, I have something to tell you.'  I went over and opened the door.  Jenny was still in her outdoor coat with a scarf wrapped tightly round her neck.  She had a file tucked under her arm.

'You found something?'  I resisted the urge to snatch the file from under her arm and flick through it.  Jenny looked at Louise who was still sitting on my bed.  'It's OK, she knows.'  Jenny's eyes widened.  'I know you told me not to tell anyone but I needed some help.  I have to solve this one Jenny, for Isabel if nothing else.'  Jenny's face softened and she opened the file.

'There was only one patient locally who had been admitted to a psychiatric ward claiming to know about us.  His name is Jakob Clark.  He was admitted to he hospital six months ago after his neighbours complained about him harrassing them, saying they were vampires and so on.'  She opened the file.  'He became abusive and the police were called.  They said he was mentally unstable and requested he have medical help.'

'And were they vampires?  His neighbours?'  I asked.

'Yes they were, but no-one believed Jakob and he couldn't prove them wrong unless he attacked one of them with a stake.  People still believe vampires can't go out in the sunlight so the fact that they led ordinary lives didn't help him.'  She began rifling through papers.  'I managed to 'borrow' his medical records but they don't tell us much.  Hallucinations and fits.  He settled down, stopped talking about our existence and was allowed back home three weeks ago.'

'Do we know what happened after that?'  After the discharge form there wasn't anything else.

'He hasn't been readmitted and there haven't been any other reported problems since he's been at home.  But whether that means he's given up on his beliefs or if he's just lying low I have no idea.'  There was a lot of medical information on the sheets in front of me, none of which I understood.

'So what now?  Do we go see him?'  Louise was ready to take an active approach on this one.

'That's what I'm going to do.'

'Then we're going with you,' I said defiantly but Jenny shook her head.

'You know the rules.  No student is allowed outside the gates.'

'Do I look like the kind of person who sticks to the rules?  I've already broken that rule once, it can't hurt to do it again.'  Jenny was too tired to argue with me and I can be stubborn when I want to be.

'OK then, you can come.  I have to wait a couple of days to get things sorted but when I'm ready to go I'll come and get you.'

'Do you swear?'  I wasn't going to let her get out of this one.

'I swear.'

The End

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