How I Died Chapter Seventeen

My first lesson dragged as I watched the hands on the clock crawl towards half ten.  If only I had mastered my mind better I could speed up time so I could get to Jenny faster.  When the bell rang I grabbed my books and hurtled to the door but Sean blocked me.

'We need to talk Steph.'  I tried to dodge him but he blocked me again.  Damn those vampire skills.

'Could we do this later?  There's somewhere I need to be.'  Yet again I tried to get around him but he was too fast.

'No we can't do this later.  It's about Louise.  She was really hurt that you ran off like that.'

'She was hurt?  I think I have more of a right to be hurt after she accused my brother of murder.'  Sean's face was blank.  'She didn't tell you that then did she.'  I pushed past him, with no resistance and ran down the corridor to the stairs.  I began to run down them as fast as I could, weaving through the other people crowding the space.

'Hey what's the rush?'  It was Tom this time, his hands on my shoulders smiling at me.

'Nothing.  There's someone I need to see, can I talk to you later?'  I pulled his hands from my shoulders and kept moving downwards.

'Yeah sure.  I'll see you in lunch.'  Tom looked confused but I didn't have time to ask him what was on his mind.  Jenny would think I wasn't coming and would leave if I didn't get there soon enough.  I reached the second floor and counted three doors on my left.  I pushed open the third one and was immediately surrounded by a forest of books.  I had never seen so many in one place before and at any other time I would have spent hours going through them but now I had something more important to take care of.  Jenny was sitting on a window seat opposite the door.

'Sorry I took so long, I was held up.'  I sat next to her on the seat.  'Tell me what's going on.'  Jenny checked we were alone but with the bookshelves surrounding us, anyone could be hiding and listening to our conversation.

'OK right.  I'll talk fast.  We're in trouble Steph, big trouble.  There's a mole in the school.'

'A mole?'

'Yeah.  Someone who let in the murderer last night.  Steph, they think the mole is Finn.'  Suddenly it all clicked into place.

'The gate.  When we left the gate was still open.  Oh God.  They think he did it on purpose.'  I grabbed fistfuls of hair with my hands and rocked backwards and forwards.  How could I have been so stupid!  'What's Miss Bradshaw going to do  with him?'

'I don't know.  She can't prove he did it but Finn can't prove he didn't so we can't solve anything.'

'Last night.  When you said it's beginning, what did you mean?'

'Many years ago, when Finn and I first arrived at the school there was something similar.  Not many of the students were harmed but two were killed and another was seriously injured.  Someone has a grudge against us and they want us gone.'

'What do you mean by us?'  I hoped her answer wouldn't be what I thought it would be.

'Everyone who has special powers, like you, or isn't human, like me.  To them we are wrong and need to be eliminated.'  My stomach sank.  There was someone who wanted us to disappear, someone who hated us so much they wanted us dead.  'Look I've got to go.  Helen has me working on finding out anything I can about who could have done this.'

'How could you find such a person?  They're hardly going to go around saying they killed a real deamon in the shape of a young girl.'

'From my experience, people who believe in us usually end up spending some time on a psychiatric ward.  That's where I'll start.  I'll come get you if I find anything new.'  I waved vaguely in Jenny's direction as I left but my mind was focused on something else. 

There had to be something we were missing.  Someone must have heard Isabel screaming, almost a third of the population of this school were vampires with extremely sensitive hearing, they must have heard something.  Unless she didn't scream.

'Steph?'  I jumped out of my skin as a hand touched my shoulder.  'Are you OK you looked a million miles away.'

'Thank God it's you Jason.'  I breathed a sigh of relief.

'Is there something wrong?  Is someone trying to hurt you Steph?'  Jason looked concerned by my edgyness.

'No nothing like that.  I just had a bust up with Louise and Sean's been after me trying to get us to make up.'

'I hope you do.  You two get on so well, it would be a shame to throw that away.'  He held out his hand.  'Time for combat.'  I groaned as Jason pulled me up from my seat.

'Do I have to?' 

'You are one of the best fighters in that class, why are you complaining?'  Jason laughed as we walked out the library and towards the gym.

The End

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