How I Died Chapter Sixteen

Next morning the whole school was buzzing with what had happened to Isabel the night before.  It was a mixture of morbid curiosity and fear that fired up the other students.  Our table on the other hand was surprisingly quiet at breakfast.

Finn wasn't anywhere to be seen and of course Chase was sitting in silence, traumatised.  I was surprised they let him carry on with his normal life, he was so shell-shocked, I hadn't even known he was that close to Isabel.  He looked so empty, I couldn't even imagine what he was going through.

No-one dared speak.  No-one had anything to say.  We were all feeling the loss of Isabel who had been such a lively member of our group, making up for me and Louise who were, by nature, much quieter.

After about ten minutes of staring into my cereal bowl I couldn't take any more of the silence and stood up to leave.  Unsurprisingly Louise quickly followed.  Sean stayed behind to be with Chase.  I guess vampires had to stick together, right.

'So who was the guy last night?'  I had gone to bed when I'd gotten back to our room last night.  Not that I'd slept.  Images of Finn, Tom, Chase and Isabel had floated round and round my head, not giving me a moments rest to get some sleep.

'He's my brother, Tom.'  I hadn't seen him in the dining hall so I assumed he was having his welcome talk with Miss Bradshaw.  'There's something wrong Louise.  What aren't you telling me?'

'Nothing it's just...'  She looked at me nervously.  'Don't take this the wrong way, but isn't it a bit suspicious.'

'Isn't what suspicious?'  I took up my defensive stance, legs apart and hands on hips.

'Well, Isabel is mysteriously murdered and then your brother turns up only hours later.  Surely it must have crossed your mind.'

'No.  It hasn't.'  I was disgusted that she would even think of such a thing.  'Tom is my brother, he wouldn't hurt anyone.  He had to stand and watch me dying, utterly helpless.  Now tell me you think he's a killer.'

'Steph, I didn't mean it like that.'

'Well how did you mean it then?'  When Louise failed to give me an answer I turned on my heal and stalked off.  My head was spinning.  In just a matter of weeks I had been turned from a normal schoolgirl, well a normal schoolgirl with a secret, to someone surrounded by vampires, werewolves and other 'gifted' people, with a psycho murderer out to kill people with talents like mine.  Everything was moving so fast.  What had happened to my life? 

A hand appeared out of nowhere and pulled me into one of the darker corridors of the school.  I could see Jenny's blonde hair in the darkness, the light showing the worry lines on her forehead.

'Hey Steph.  Sorry about this but Finn asked me to bring you a message.  He wanted me to tell you that after the...incident last night he's not allowed to see you, he's not even allowed to teach at the moment.'

'Do you think they'll make him leave?'

'No they won't.  They need him as much as he needs this school.  But now there has been a killing who knows what might happen.'

'Do you know what's going on Jenny?  People are hiding things from me and I need to know what's going on when people are starting to think my own brother is responsible for Isabel's death.'  Jenny looked around to see if we were alone, but more people were starting to leave the dining hall to go to their first lessons.

'I can't talk to you now, I think you can understand why.  I can't believe I'm doing this.  You know where the library is?'  I shook my head.  I hadn't even known there was a library.  'It's on the second floor, the third door on the left, you can't miss it, it has a massive oak door.  Meet me there at break time.  I'll try to tell you more then.'  She turned around to disappear but I caught her arm before she could leave.

'Jenny.  Thanks for this.'  She smiled and tried to move away but I kept hold of her arm.  'Oh and can you tell Finn I miss him.'

'He loves you Steph.  You don't have to worry about him finding someone else before you see him again.'  This time I let go of her arm and let her fade away into the darkness.

The End

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