How I Died Chapter Fifteen

I was a nightmare getting everyone back to bed after that.  Everyone was worried the killer was still in the school and they would be next.  They were all ushered back to their rooms eventually but I don't think anyone went back to sleep, I know Louise and I didn't.

'This is real isn't it.'  Louise was watching me as I sat on the windowsill in my pyjama's staring out of the window at the stars.  'There is someone out there who knows about us.'

'Yes.'  I felt a shudder down my spine as I heard the crunch of gravel as a car came up the drive.  'Who's that?'  I opened the window and leaned out to try and see but our room was on the wrong side of the building.  I lept from the windowsill and ran for the door.

'Steph come back.  You don't know who's out there.'  Louise stood hovering by the door as I ran towards the main staircase.  Finally she made her decision and ran after me.  'You will get me into so much trouble, y'know that.'  I was crouched at the top of the main staircase, looking through the banisters at the entrance hall.

'We'll find you a room in the morning, Miss Bradshaw wasn't expecting you so soon so you'll have to sleep on the sofa in her office.'  It was a voice I didn't recognise but I assumed that a new student had arrived.

'Another new one?'  Louise looked shocked.

'Isn't it normal to have new people arriving?'

'Not two so close together.'  I tried to get a better look at the new student but I couldn't they were standing just out of my line of vision.  Then I heard a voice that I couldn't mistake.

'That's fine.  I don't mind where I go.  I'm just glad to have arrived.'  I hurtled down the stairs, Louise desperately trying to stop me but I slipped through her fingers.  I ran across the entrance hall and threw my arms around my brother.  'Oh my God!'  He staggered under the unexpected weight, he had been facing the other way so hadn't seen me coming.  'Umm hi, I'm To..'  His voice trailed off as he saw my face.  'Steph?'

'It's me.'  I smiled, hoping he wasn't going to run away screaming.  'It's so great to see you again.'

'But you're..'  He motioned with his hands not quite sure if he was seeing things or not.

'I was, but then I was brought back to life by these...people and they brought me here.  You have to meet Finn and Jenny, you'll love them.  And my other friends.  I'm just so happy to see you again.'  I gave him another hug, holding him so tightly, just to make sure he was real.

'I don't understand.  The vamp...'

'I don't understand it either.  They think I must have some sort of inner power that helped me come back to life.  I don't believe them but...'  I just looked at him.

'You should be in bed Miss Daniels.'  Miss Bradshaw was standing behind me.  'I think you've broken enough rules for one night, even though Finn should have known better than to take you off school property where you are safe.'  I snorted at that.

'Was Isabel safe?'  I knew that was a low blow but it just came out.  'No-one here is safe anymore Miss Bradshaw.  I don't know who they are but they're coming for us, I know it, I can feel it-'

'Back to bed, Miss Daniels.  You may speak to your brother in the morning.'  She gave me a stare that could turn the warmest hearts to stone and I reluctantly left Tom and walked back up the staircase and into my room.

The End

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