How I Died Chapter Thirteen

The fame I got from winning my first match in combat lessons lasted for the rest of the week.  It was slightly embarrassing having people whisper about it when they saw me in the lunch queue but I suppose it would stop them trying to beat me up.

It turned out after I had died my body had come back both fitter and stronger than before, which I wasn't sure I liked.  I was so used to being the one who sat out of games, watching everyone else race around the hockey pitch, that being able to do an activity that involved exercise was completely new to me.

Although Finn did his best to be professional but the class could tell I was his weak point, as whenever we paired up he took me as his partner.  There was something incredibly sexy about Finn when we were training, the concentration on his face, the movement of his body all made him so much more attractive.  Not that he wasn't attractive to start with.

He was also so romantic.  When I went up to the room I shared with Louise I found a single red rose waiting for me on my bed.  There was a note with it.  It said: My dearest Stephanie on our one week anniversary.  It was completely cheesy but I loved it.

'One week anniversary for what?'  Lily asked.  'You haven't been on a date yet.'

'The anniversary of our first kiss.'  I smiled uncontrollably, hugging the note to my chest.

'Sean's never done anything lke that for me,' Louise sulked.

'That's because he's a vampire.'  Lily pointed out.  'You know, dark and brooding.  Giving you flowers would ruin his image.'  Louise still sulked in a corner as I put the rose in a glass of water.

Later that evening as I was about to get ready for bed I heard a tapping on the window, like it was raining only there wasn't a cloud to be seen.  I opened the window to see if there was a branch or something that was blowing in the wind.

'Hey Steph.  Down here.'  I looked down and saw Finn in his casual jeans and t-shirt with a handful of pebbles which he'd been throwing at my window.

'What are you doing?'  I whispered back.

'I've come to ask you on your first date.'

'You know I'm not allowed out.  Neither are you.'  I was so worried someone would overhear us and tell another teacher.

'I thought it would be romantic if I rescued you from your prison and whisked you away to a beautiful restaurant with violin music and candles.'  Bless him, he was trying so hard.

'In theory, yes it would be romantic but how do you propose getting out of the grounds?'  He threw his hands up in the air.

'Where is your spontaneity?  Your sense of adventure?'  I had never done anything spontaniously in my life before but in that moment I made my first snap decision.  I started to climb out the window.  Luckily there was a handy drainpipe for me to climb down.  Unfortunately I slipped as I reached the bottom and Finn had to catch me.

'When we re-tell this story, can we miss out the bit about how I inelegantly climbed out of my window and fell from a drainpipe?'  I asked as Finn held me in his arms.

'Yeah sure.'  He put me down on the ground again and grabbed my hand.  'Let's go.'  He started to run.  It wasn't until we had crossed a large section of damp grass that I noticed I wasn't wearing any shoes.  This wasn't really a problem until we got to the gravel drive.

'Umm Finn.'  I pointed at my feet.

'I think this is a bit we might have to re-work in our romantic story.'  He sweeped me up into his arms with mine around his neck.

'Well, I don't know,'  I pondered.  'This is quite romantic.'  I leaned up and kissed him, his lips were warm in the cold night air.

'OK then.  The car's parked just over there.'  He carried me over and opened to passenger door with me still in his arms and gently lowered me into the seat.  'Are you getting any déjà vu from this by the way?'

'No why?'  I looked at the thoughtful look on his face.

'It just reminds me of the first time we met.'

'Well I had just been dead, so my memory could be a bit blurry.'  I joked and he laughed.  He shut my door, ran around the car and got into the driver's seat.  'Are you going to tell me where you're taking me?'

'Nope.'  He put the keys in the ignition and the engine roared to life.  'It's a surprise.'  We sped out the open gates and away from the castle.


Three hours later we were back.  I'd had a lovely evening, although it didn't turn out to be as romantic as Finn had hoped.  We couldn't go too far away from the school and the nearest villiage with a restaurant was just over half an hour away.  It was a small italien and when we'd turned up it was deserted.

There were candles but no violin music or table cloths for that matter.  The food was OK and it took us an hour to get our food but just being alone with Finn made up for all of that.

On the way back Finn held my hand as he drove.  I could feel myself nodding off to sleep as we got closer to the school and then we suddenly stopped.

'The gates are meant to be shut by now.'  There was a tone of questioning in Finn's voice.  He started moving again but this time he stopped outside the front door and turned off the engine.  He got out of the car and walked up the steps to the front door which was also wide open with light pouring out of it.  I followed him about twenty paces behind.

'Stephanie don't come in here.'  He croaked from inside.

'Finn?  What's wrong?'  I walked closer towards the door.

'Just don't come in Steph.'  It was too late.  I'd seen what he hadn't wanted me to see.  The body of Isabel, the deamon hanging from the light fitting in the middle of the entrance hall.  On the floor beneath her body was written the words:

Watch out freaks.  We're coming to get you.

The End

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