How I Died Chapter Eleven

I cautiously went into my next class not sure what I was meant to expect.  There weren't that many people in the classroom so I sat at one of the empty desks near the back.

An imposing teacher in a smart skirt suit swept into the room and up to the front of the class.

'Good morning students.  As you can see today we have a new student so I would like you all to do independant study while I show Stephanie the basics.  Mr Marshall will be coming to cover your lesson so don't think you can just up and leave.'  She wrote a series of page numberes on the board then swept back towards the door.  'Follow me Staphanie.'

I grabbed my bag and ran after her.  She walked so fast I had to jog to keep up with her.  We went past a series of identical doors until she came to a halt outside one of them and I had to stop very quickly or I would have run into the back of her.  She opened the door and walked in.

'Sorry Miss, I didn't catch your name.'  I whispered as I stood behind her.

'That's because I didn't tell you.  Sit down please.'  I took a seat at the front of the small classroom.  'Now we haven't had someone with your level of power for some time so forgive me if I'm a little rusty.'  She took a chair from another desk and put it opposite me on the other side of the desk.  'Right then focus on me.'

'What am I meant to be doing?'

'Just focus on my eyes.'  I looked at her as she asked me to.  'Now what am I thinking?'  I carefully pulled her thoughts out of the background murmer in my head.

'You are thinking about your lesson plan for next period.'

'Very good.  Can you describe to me how you did that.'  I told her about the voices in my head and she nodded taking down some notes.  'Right then, I'll need to do some explaining now.  Your mind is capable of doing much more than just reading minds.  With the right training from me you could move objects, create fire and water and so on all with the power of your mind.'

'I think you have misunderstood.  I'm not that powerful.'

'Someone who can come back from the dead is certainly powerful, we are just not quite sure what those powers will be yet.'

The lesson was filled with more exercises, mainly focusing on moving objects as that was apparently the easiest of the mind control skills.  After I'd finished I looked at my timetable again.  Beginners spells.  This day was just getting weirder.

The End

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