How I Died Chapter Ten

I woke up the next day feeling so disorientated.  I was in my new room with Louise who was already up and dressed.

'Morning sleepy head, breakfast is in ten minutes.'

'Ten minutes!  Why didn't you wake me up?'  I threw back the covers and lept out of bed.  Oh God!  I looked in the mirror, I had such bad bed-hair I was dreading attacking it with a hairbrush.  Instead I went to my wardrobe.

I was so disappointed I couldn't find a pair of comfy trackies and a hoodie, only fitted jeans, skirts and dresses.  I was beginning to hate whoever had chosen my clothes for me.  I chose a dark purple dress to match my eyes, it was embroidered with flowers and a pair of flat ballet shoes.  Now for the hair.  There was a knock on the door.

'Are you ready yet?'

'We will be in a second, come in Lily.'  Lily also looked surprisingly cheerful.

'Morning guys.  How was your first night Steph?'  She sat cross-legged on my bed her flame-red hair pulled back from her face so her green eyes stood out.

'It was OK.'  I was busy attacking my hair with a brush so I couldn't really say much else.

'You need a hand with that?'  Lily walked over muttered something and suddenly my hair was much more managable.


'That's OK.  My motives were purely selfish, I'm hungry.'  She smiled at me and sat down again as I looked at an eyeliner that had appeared in my hand.  'You still need help?'  I couldn't help feeling she was laughing at me.

'I've never really used make-up before.'  I hated to admit it but Lily seemed alright about it.

'Well there is a small spell I can teach you that should help with that.'  She waved her hands in front of my face and muttered something again.  I looked back in the mirror and my face looked so different.

'Thanks again.'  I smiled.

'Right then if you two have finished bonding I would like to go to breakfast.'  Louise grabbed both our hands and dragged us out the door and down one of the many staircases.  The hall where we ate was already crowded when we got there.  I looked around for Finn but he was sitting with Jenny and a load of other people I didn't recognise so I waved and sat with Louise and the rest of her circle.

Sean and Chase still unnerved me, being vampires and my past experience but they were nice to me and tried to show they weren't threatening.  Chase didn't look like he could hurt a fly, quite largely built he looked more like a cuddly teddy bear than a killing machine.

Sean looked more like what you would expect from a vampire though.  Dark and gothic looking.  He had a sense of humor though which made things easier.

First lesson was Maths, I was groaning inwardly as I sat in my classroom next to Lily waiting for a teacher to arrive.  When the lesson eventually started it was as boring as I thought it was going to be.

'Is life going to be this boring all the time?'  I asked Lily as we left the classroom an hour later.

'I think you'll like your next lesson.'  She pointed at my timetable.  Mind Control. 

'I don't think that's right, I can't control things with my mind, just talk telepathically.'  Lily shrugged.

'I don't go to those classes, I have combat now but I guess anyone who has anything to do with the mind goes to those classes.'  She gave me a quick wave and skipped off down the corridor.

Combat classes?  Was I going to have to learn to fight?  I felt sick at the thought, I'd always been so bad at Sport there was very little chance I would be better at fighting.

The End

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