How I Died Chapter Nine

'OK then spill.'  I was alone with Louise in the room we shared unpacking a mysterious suitcase filled with clothes that weren't mine.  Don't worry they always give newbies new clothes and I guess you need them.  Louise had said when I asked if it had been put in the wrong room

'Spill what?'

'You and yummy elf-boy, what's the story?'

'You wouldn't believe me if I told you.'

'Wanna bet?'  She sat crosslegged on my bed with her serious face on.

'OK I'll tell but only if you stop looking at me like that.'   She laughed at me.  'You know it freaks me out.'

'OK I'll stop.'  She put her normal face back on and I sat on the bed next to her, mirroring her sitting position.

'Well, you know I died.'


'Well Finn -'

'Yummy elf-boy.'

'Will you let me finish!  You wanted to hear the story.'  She looked sheepishly at me and pulled an imaginary zip across her lips.  'OK so Finn was part of the team sent to collect me.  He was nice to me, not that his sister wasn't but she was too busy being confrontational with the woman in charge.'

'Ohh conflict!  Go on.'  I could tell Louise didn't get out much, I mean this was hardly a scandalous story.

'There isn't much more to tell.  Finn and I talked, a lot, on the way over here and that's about it.  I like him.'

'You are so boring!  You have at least made something up, I don't know, a long lingering handshake, a moment when his eyes met yours and the rest of the world disappeared.'

'That stuff doesn't actually happen though does it?'

'I don't know, it must do or why would people write so much about it?'

'Well what was it like for you and Sean?'

'It was just sort of ordinary.  He was my best friend as soon as I arrived and then one day he said he liked me more than as a friend and did I want to date him.  I mean dating here isn't the most exciting thing ever, we can't go out to start with and everyone is together day in, day out so you really have to get on with someone to date them.'

That painted a cheery picture for my future here.

'But doesn't it bother you that Sean isn't going to age, I mean he is a vampire?'

'Yeah but, I don't think about that, all that matters to me is now, Sean and I aren't forever but we both know that and Sean has a long time to find his perfect girl.'  Why was she so calm about this?  She had just admitted her relationship was doomed and she did it with a smile on her face.  I thought I should change the subject.

'So what happens to us here?'

'Well if you become what the teachers consider 'safe' then you can go but most of them join the school, either as a teacher or doing whatever Finn and his lot do.'

'And what's that?'

'No-one knows, you have to be part of them to know what their job is.'  Louise was obviously bored now because she started unpacking the suitcase.  'This is cute.'  She held up a dress.  'Whoever packed this has amazing taste in clothes.'  What a shame I don't.

The End

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