How I Died Chapter Eight

I liked English, I understood it, the expression of feelings through words.  Shakespeare was my favourite, especially his sonnets, but I never dared tell anyone this, it would make me seem a bit too much like a geek.

'OK then everyone.'  The teacher, Miss Hayes, commanded the room.  'Wuthering Heights.  Who can tell me about it.'  I groaned inwardly.  It wasn't because I hated it, it was one of my favourites, it was just that I'd been studying it before I...well, died.

The lesson flew by and the bell went sooner than I thought it would.

'Wow, you know lots.'  Louise looked shocked.

'Not really, I've just been studying it at my last school.  That kind of helps.'  Sean came over and put his arms around Louise's waist.

'Ready for lunch babe.'

'Yeah sure.  You coming?'  I nodded.  I was a little nervous of Sean but I guessed he couldn't be so bad.  The vampires that had killed me had problems, he seemed like a normal person.

The lunch hall was downstairs in what probably used to be the feasting room which made it very appropriate for it's current function.  We got our trays of food and headed towards a table already filled with people.

'Hey guys this is Steph, she's the new girl.'  Everyone at the table stopped to look and smile at me.

'Hi guys.'  We sat, I tried to stick with Louise but she was busy talking to some of her other friends so I had to talk to the others which turned out to be quite nice.  There was one guy I particularly liked, his name was Jason and he was a werewolf which, as he told me, was very different from a shapeshifter.  It turned out he had quite a few of the same classes as me so it was nice to know I wouldn't be alone.

There was also Lily, a witch, Isabel, a daemon, Chase, another vampire and Mitchell who had telekenisis.  They were all very friendly but I was so happy when I felt a hand on my shoulder, turned round and saw Finn.  I threw my arms arond his neck and gave him a massive hug.

'Woah, steady there!'  Finn seemed a bit taken aback.

'Sorry.'  I cringed as I untangled my arms.  'I got a bit carried away.'

'It's OK.'  He looked at the crowd of people sitting at the table behind me.  'I see you've made some friends.'  I thought I could hear a hint of jealousy in his voice, but maybe I just wanted him to sound jealous.'

'Yeah, everyone has been so friendly.'

'Just don't forget me.'  He said it jokingly but there was definately sadness there.

'Never.'  I looked up at him.  'You already mean so much to me.'


'Yeah you do.'  Our faces were getting closer, his lips were almost touching mine.  They met and the rest of the world faded away, it was the perfect first kiss. 

Except for the wolfwhistles that erupted from my table, it was my perfect first kiss.

The End

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