How I Died Chapter Six

The entrance hall was huge.  And I mean absolutally enormous.  The celing was high enough to fit two flights of stairs between it and the floor.  The stairs were amazing, wide and wooden and gave the stone room a bit of warmth.  The sheer size of the room should've been imposing but I found the thick rugs on the floor and the fire crackling in the fireplace welcoming and friendly.

'I'm sorry we were so late in arriving, you are a very hard person to find.'  The woman was heading off up the staircase.  'This way.'  She was a very brisk walker, I was half jogging to keep up with her.  A bell rang.  The pounding of hundreds of pairs of feet resounded in the open space and people started pouring down the stairs.  Most were about my age, some a little older maybe in their early twenties, and a very small number were younger.  They stared at me as we passed.  The murmer in my mind was getting louder as the corridors filled with people.  I knew it was wrond but I scanned their brains as they passed.  Most were curious, others excited and some didn't notice me at all.  Then there were the ones that were blank.  Vampires.  No-one seemed to act any different around them.  I wondered if the woman leading me up the stairs knew what they were, but before I could make a decision to tell her or not we had arrived at a door and the woman gestured me to go in.

'Please take a seat.'  The room was furnished in an old style with a large bookcase and a dark wooden desk filling most of the room.  The walls were mostly empty apart from a few dusty paintings.  I sat on a wooden chair by the desk.  The books were intruguing me.  They all had old-fashined bindings and I couldn't read the titles on most of them.  I wondered what they were.  'Now I suppose you know why you are here.'

'I'm sorry but no-one has told me anything.'  She rolled her eyes.

'Alright then I'll start from the beginning.  My name is Miss Bradshaw and this is a school for people like you.  People who are ...'  She searched for the right word, 'a little different.'  She got out a file from a drawer in her desk.  My name was in bold print on the top.  'You are Stephanie Daniels, born 16th May 1992?'  I nodded.  'Born to Ken and Mary Daniels.  It also says you have a brother, Thomas, borm 2nd July 1988.  He will be joining us soon.  Now, we are a school so we teach English, Maths and Sciences but some of our other subjects are a slightly unorthodox.  Most of the students here have powers of some sort so they attend lessons that will help them harness their power and use it positively.  I have paired you up with a girl who you will share your room with, she is your mentor and will take you to and from your classes.'

'Can't I go home?'

'This is your home now.  It is too dangerous to have people in the world who do not know how to use their powers properly, when we think you are sufficiently trained you will either go back into the world or join our team here.'  She stood up and moved towards another door.  'But we don't have to worry about that just yet.'  She opened the door.  'Louise, please come in.'  A tall girl with a pretty face and long caramel-coloured curls walked in.  'This is Stephanie, our new student.  Would you please look after her and show her around.  She has English with you next.'  She handed both Louise and I and sheet of paper.  It was a timetable not dissimilar to the one I had at my last school.  'I'll check up on you later to see how you are settling in.'  Miss Bradshaw held the door open and we both walked through it.

I was thoroughly confused, in a school for people like me, standing next to a girl I didn't know in a castle in the middle of what I supposed to be the Yorkshire moors.  Help!

The End

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