How I Died Chapter Five

So I was back in a car.  This one was different to the one we were in yesterday which made me wonder what had happened to it.  I recognised this car as a Land Rover.  That was about as far as my knowledge of cars went.  Jenny took the wheel leaving me in the back with Finn.  He was fun and seemed really interested in me.  He didn't make me talk about my life before we met, just asked me about what I liked to do, my hobbies.  Well there are my books of course and my friends.  It was hard having friends when you knew you could listen to what they think of you.  That can lead to some interesting conversations.  But I did have friends and I evenually resisted the temptation to read their thoughts.  They never knew the truth.  I never dared tell them.  Books were easier.  They didn't pretend or judge you.  They were my escape.

Finn is different to me.  He likes sports and being outdoors, which makes sense now I know about where he is from.  In contrast I like sitting inside, tucked up in a corner with a book.  It was nice he was interested in me.  I liked him.  He was kind to me, and he was gorgeous.  But he probably didn't think of me like that.

The murmer of thoughts had come back.  I didn't have as much control over them as I had before, I kept getting flashes of thoughts, not enough for me to work out words or sentences but loud enough to notice them.  And when I did try to hear one person's thoughts I couldn't hold it for very long.  It was weirdly comforting that they were back, I felt complete again. 

Unfortunately, no-one around me was thinking about where we were going, probably deliberately.  We had headed out of town and continued driving.  I had no idea where we were, there were no landmarks just miles and miles of open moors.  It was beautiful and scary at the same time, even though the sky was grey and there wasn't much to see just dry stone walls and rolling hills.

Then a small dot appeared on the horizon.  We drove for a while more and it began to take shape.  It was a house, a big one with chimneys pouring smoke and turrets.  In fact the more I looked at it the more it looked like a castle.  I pointed it out to Finn.

'What's that place there?'  He smiled his breathtaking smile.

'It's where we're going.'  I looked back out of the window and admired the building from a distance.  Soon I would be getting to know it very well.  When I turned around again I saw Finn watching me.  Poor thing.  She must feel so alone.  He pitied me.  I smiled at him.

'How long til we get there?'

'Any time now.'  Jenny swung the four wheel drive around a corner and up a rough track.  As we came over the top of a hill, the castle loomed before us.  This was it.  Welcome home?  It was more impressive close up.  It was made of cold grey stone and the windows varied from thin arrow-slits higher up the building to huge ones with oak frames at ground level.  The door was a big wooden one and as we pulled up outside it creaked open to reveal a small woman in jeans, walking boots and a shirt.  Finn leaned over me and opened the car door.

'This is your stop.'

'Can't you come with me?'

'Sorry we can't.  It's the rules for newbies.'  Susan was being particularly cold today.  Finn smiled at me.

'It'll be OK we'll see you later.'  I got out of the car and closed the door.

Good Luck.  Jenny knew I could hear her.

Thanks.  She smiled at me.  She had understood.  She gave me a wave goodbye and took off around the side of the building.  Tentatively I walked towards the door.  I was suddenly very aware I was dressed in the same clothes I was wearing in my coffin and that I hadn't brushed my hair since I woke up.  But did that matter anymore?

'Hello Stephanie.'  The woman was smiling and sounded friendly and apart from Susan, these people seemed to have been pretty nice.  'Welcome to your new home.'

The End

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