How I Died Chapter Four

I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew it was night and I was being lifted out of the car by Finn and carried towards a block of flats.  We went up what felt like a hundred flights of stairs and along endless corridors.  I didn't mind.  I felt safe in Finn's arms with my head on his shoulder and my eyes closed.  We stopped and I heard a door opening and we walked in.  Finn put me down in a bedroom.  The bed was stone cold and I was shivering.  I felt him put a blanket over me.

'Thanks.'  He must have heard me because he whispered back.

'You're welcome.'  I could feel him smiling as he tiptoed from the room.  She's pretty when she's asleep.  I didn't have time to register the thought before I fell asleep.

I slept for a bit dreaming about nothing much until an argument started outside the bedroom door.

'She's in shock.  It'll be fine.'

'No it's more than that I can tell.  She's worried about something, she feels she's lost herself.'  I could tell it was Jenny because of the confidence of her tone.

'Look.'  Susan was starting to sound annoyed now.  'We all know about the fancy tricks you can do but right now I'm more concerned with getting her safe then the psycologists can look after her sanity.'

'Susie I know you deny who you are and what you can do but we both know -'

'It's not in my job description to offer councelling to dead people with unnatural superpowers.'  I was wrong about Susan not being someone who shouted.  The walls shook with the sound of her voice.  ' And I can deal with my condition just fine without therapy thank you very much.'  She walked away loudly, then turned around and walked back again.  'Oh and one more thing.  STOP CALLING ME SUSIE!'  A door slammed.  I didn't dare move.  My door slowly inched open and a blonde head looked in.

'Can I come in?'  I nodded.  Jenny crossed the room and sat, legs crossed on the end of my bed.  'Sorry about that.  I was just worried about you.'

'It's OK.'  I was used to arguments, my parents were always yelling at each other.  I always used to thing it was my fault.  And Tom's.  We were too different.  Tom.  He wouldn't know where I was or what had happened to me.  He'd be looking for me.  My body.  I tried not to think about it.  'Is it always like this?  Between you and Susan?'

'Most of the time.  We don't share the same views on some things.  She can't accept that we're different to normal people and that we have to live with it.'

'What do you mean different?'  Are they like me?

'I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but we're not from this world exactly.'  I blinked.  I was from this world maybe there were other people out there stranger than me.

'So if you're not from this world where are you from?  And why would you want to be here?'  Jenny's eyes lit up and leaned in secretively.

'There are hundreds of different universes, places you wouldn't believe could exist.  I come from one of those other universes.  I didn't come here by choice.  Every so often on my planet someone would go missing and would never be seen again.  One day that happened to me and I landed here.  My world is so different.  It's much smaller than yours and is covered in woodland and dark forests.'  Her description of her home was truly amazing.  I could hear the crashing of waterfalls into rivers and smell the earthy scent of trees and woodland flowers.

'It sounds beautiful.  You miss it.'  A small tear ran down Jenny's cheek.

'Sometimes.  But I've got Finn, not everyone is so lucky.'  I could understand that.  Right then I could never have wanted to see Tom's laughing face more.

'Does Susan come from your home?  Is that why you fight?'

'No.  Susan has never told anyone about her past.  And it's not why we fight.  She refuses to admit she can help people with the powers she has been given.  That and it's so easy to wind her up!'  We laughed.

Sunlight was starting to come through the window.  'We'd better get ready, we'll be moving soon.'

'Where are we going?'

'You'll see.  Very soon.'

The End

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