How I Died Chapter Three

We travelled in a silence until we reached a service station.  I hid inside the men's hoodie Susan had thrown at me after we had hit the motorway.  All the time my head was spinning, what was going on?  The dark-haired woman asked if I needed anything.

'I'm sorry but I can't let you out of the car, it could cause a lot of trouble.'  She didn't sound the tiniest bit sorry, just annoyed that I had to be looked after and kept alive.  At least for now.

'Your death was all over the papers.'  The blonde girl was quick to enlighten me.  'If anyone saw you...'  The unfinished sentence hung in the air.

'I'm hungry.'  Finn's cheerful voice broke the tension.  'Does anyone want anything?'  Five minutes later he left the car with a long list of things they needed.  I decided I should try to speak to reassure myself I could and to break up the frosty atmosphere.

'Who are you?'  I was glad I hadn't lost my voice but cringed at the stupidity of what I had just said.  Deep down I knew what the answer would be.

'I'm sorry but that information is highly confidential.'  The dark-haired woman wasn't one for sharing information.  I shrunk back into my seat and decided to remain silent unless spoken to.

'No.' Things were about to kick off but there was nothing I could do to stop it.  It was like watching a car crash in slow motion and knowing I wouldn't be able to save anyone from the wreckage.  'My name is Jenny.'  The blonde was smiling at me again.  'That's Susan and the other one is my brother, Finn.'  Susan rolled her eyes and slumped back into her seat.

'You shouldn't have told her anything.  The less she knows about us the better.'  Susan possessed that rare talent of being able to sound furious without shouting which I found more scary than anything.

'She's going to have to become involved sooner or later.'

Thankfully Finn was back in the car armed with food.

'Ok they, who wanted cheese and pickle?'  No-one dared answer and I couldn't reach out to take something because they would see my shaking hands.

'I don't feel hungry anymore.'

'Well if no-one else is going to eat it I will.'  From my quiet study of my 'abductors' I could see that Susan was meant to be incharge but Jenny did a good job of undermining her.  She hadn't listened to orders and made it perfectly clear she had no respect for her leader.  The imitations Jenny had done of Susan were hardly fair, pushing the tip of her nose up and wagging her finger at me.

I sat thinking for a while and suddenly realised I was alone.  Not literally, the others were still in the car but I couldn't hear the thoughts in my head.  I must be dead or I would still be able to hear them.  Normally they are just a murmur in the background until I focused in on just one thought but even that was gone.  I concentrated hard to see if I could hear the tiniest whisper of a thought, but all I could hear was the roar of engines and the rustling of crisp packets.  Do they know about me?  Is this why they found me?  Horrid thoughts of greuesome experiments they might do to me filled my mind and I was gripped with terror, my hands began to shake and my heartbeat increased.  Even the reassurance that I still had a heartbeat wouldn't calm me down.  If I hadn't been a freak before I was certainly one now.

The End

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