How I Died Chapter Two

'I can feel a pulse.'

'She's breathing.'

'That was too close.'

'It's alright we've got her back.  Look she's opening her eyes!'

Everything was a blur.  The faces watching me swam in and out of focus.  I was in some sort of box looking up at the celing, which is wierd because I never sleep on my back.  Slowly I sat up and saw the dark red walls with dark skirtingboards and a wooden floor, covered in Persian style rugs.  The room had five other long rectangular boxes but unlike mine theirs had lids on.  For the first time I saw the people standing on either side of me in focus.  Both were blonde, both were stunningly beautiful with elfin features, pale skin and bright blue eyes framed with impossibly long dark lashes.  When the girl smiled she showed perfectly straight teeth and her eyes lit up with warmth.  The guy standing on my other side calmly held out his hand to help me from my box.

It wasn't until I was standing with both feet firmly on the ground that I realised what the boxes were.

'I'm dead.'

I could remember it now.  The look of horror on Tom's face as the life poured out of me.  I can't be dead.  If I am dead then why am I not still in my coffin?  Is this where you go when you die?  Am I stuck here forever?

'Quick catch her!'  Strong arms caught me as I plummeted towards the ground.  'She must be in shock.'

'Well wouldn't you be if you thought you were dead.'

'Very funny, stop messing around.  Finn, we have to get her out of here now.'

'Would you two quit squabbling!'  Sounded like I wasn't the only one who was getting a headache.  'If you're not careful you'll both end up dead.'

'You know you can't touch us.'

'That's enough!'  The icy silence spread across the room.  'Let's move.'  My legs were pulled from underneath me and I was carried from the room.  I wasn't sure if the fact that I'd stayed awake throughout this little exchange, and the next few minutes as we walked along endless corridors, was good or bad.

By the time we had made it outside I had opened my eyes.  The guy, whose face I remembered, was carrying me and his twin was leading the way.  The other woman who I hadn't seen was behind us.  She had the same delicate features but her skin was darker and her hair was coal black and scraped back into a tight bun.  All three were carrying guns.  I didn't know if this should make me feel safe or scared but I guessed that if they had wanted to kill me, if it was possible, then the would have already done it.

Eventually we made it to a car parked on double yellow lines on the side of the road.  Finn put me gently in the back seat and made his way towards the drivers door.  The tenderness with which he handled me suggested that they weren't going to hurt me.  Even so it was too late to do anything about it now, the blonde woman was sitting  in the back with me and the dark-haired woman was in the front.

'For God's sake let's get out of here before someone notices we've stolen a living corpse.'  The car luched forward and abruptly stalled.

'Sorry.  Had it in the wrong gear.'  Sheepishly, Finn put the car into gear and took off down the road as fast as the car could go.

The End

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