How I Died

A girl with the power to read minds is killed in her school library. She is brought back to life in her coffin by three strangers and taken to a school for 'gifted' students. But just as she starts to feel safe the murders begin.

‘Don’t do this, it isn’t worth it.  You’re doing so well, don’t ruin it now.’  His face was full of concern as he slowly edged closer to us.  Tom stood frozen as he stared at me.  What is she doing here?  His thoughts were crystal clear in my head. 

‘I can’t do it any longer.’  I could hear a hint of madness in her voice.  ‘To be surrounded by all this blood but not taste it!’  Run!  In my state of panic I tried to get this message to Tom but he remained so still I don’t think he heard me.

‘It’s OK then, we can find you something to eat but not her.  You know she’s special.'  The male vampire was pleading with her now.

‘That’s what makes it so hard.  The magic in her blood makes it smell so much sweeter.’  Her grip on me tightened.  ‘I’m so sorry.  I know how much you want this life but I can’t do it.’  We were backed up against the bookshelf now.  I was close enough now to hear her heartbeat, if she had one.  ‘I’m so sorry.’  Her teeth sunk into the base of my neck and everything began to fade.  I could see him running towards us but somehow he managed to get further away, shrinking into the distance.  I heard Tom yelling at her to stop, his panic-stricken face growing until it was all I could see.  I tried to speak but I couldn’t move.  I tried to tell him silently that it wasn’t his fault but I didn’t have the strength to send the message.  Suddenly I was released and fell to the ground.  Everything was swimming and I couldn’t focus on anything.  I thought I could see Tom’s face but he didn’t stay still long enough for me to find out.  I reached out and touched his face. 

‘I’m sorry.’  His voice was just a faint whisper in my head.  ‘I’m so sorry.’  I couldn’t hear anything else and even his voice was growing fainter.  ‘We can get help.  I’m sorry.  You'll be alright.'  I couldn’t speak.  A hand went round my shoulders lifting me up.  There were people standing around me.  I could feel reality slipping away.  The last thing I heard was Tom's voice.  It was so faint I couldn't tell if it was a thought or speech.

'It's my fault.'

The End

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