The Journal

Dear Journal,

It's true, I had defeated the Darkness.  And I could do it again if ever need be. The months that followed my victory were the best I'd experienced in years.  Truly, I felt that I had no demons.  Recently, however, I've discovered yet another adversary  lurking in the depths of my peaceful world.  This entity is more powerful than the one I previously destroyed.  Or, rather, it is more tricky to defeat.

Thankfully, this demon does not aim to destroy my world as Darkness did.  However, it aims to sever all communications with anyone on the outside.  It aims to destroy any fusion between my world and someone else's world.  It aims to keep me in solitude. Don't get me wrong, solitude can be a beautiful thing, but this beast is taking it way too far.  Until recently, I believed that my adversary was part of my world, but now I am beginning to have my suspicions.  

It is my belief that the Archon is a traitor.  He has committed acts of high treason but claims to be protecting the land.  From what I ask you?!  What he has done is an outrage.  The incident with Kathleen was nearly a month ago, and now he has committed another atrocity against a visitor by the name of Sarah.  The Archon is a cruel being.  He allows visitors to enter and settle in for a short time, then he confiscates them and slowly destroys their being.  He keeps them confined until they have completely withered away and disintegrated into nothing.  

This happens every time I am host to a unique visitor, especially when I take a liking to said visitor.  No matter what I do, I cannot stop him.  I have tried numerous times to rescue my guests from his infernal grasp, but it is of no use.  The Archon always finds a way to destroy them in the end.  I do not think he belongs here; I am suspicious of him.  Hence, I shall be sending Nathaniel to watch him.  I want to know what he's up to, what he's doing, why he's doing it, how he's doing it, everything.  

Perhaps one day soon I will discover his secret and be able to expose him for the lie that he is.  I will end his reign of terror and take control of my land once again.  I will then be so haughty as to flaunt his defeat in his face by inviting dozens upon dozens of guests into my domain.  It will be a lavish celebration.  But for now, all I can do is wait helplessly under his heel.  For now, he holds the power.



P.S.  I don't understand why he lets guests come in the first place.  If he is so opposed to them, why doesn't he just keep them out?  

The End

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