How I Defeated the Darkness

It all seemed too real.  There I was, standing in the middle of the forest, darkness all around, and there was no way I could get out.  There was something out there... I couldn't tell what it was.  A snicker to my right, a branch cracking, a strange wind blowing.  I was alone.

I searched for the moon, but it was nowhere to be seen in the dark, black-violet sky.  I stepped uneasily forward, my hands outstretched, searching for something solid to cling to.  There was another crack, or was I just hearing things?

"Hello again," said a voice of ice and smoke.

I whirled around and swung my fist into the darkness.  The voice laughed from behind me.

"Trying to fend me off, hmm?  You aren't one for old friends, are you?  Just stay put and we can make this simple."

I was frozen in terror.  I knew this voice. 

"You are not welcome here," I spoke, trying to sound courageous.

"HA!  Am I not?  You've been calling on me for months, and finally you have given me the power to materialize.  Ah, it feels so good to be back.  Now that you know how unreliable the world is, we can pick up right where we left off."

The voice was menacing, and it was all I could do to stay where I was.  Running would only make things worse.  I had not realized that it had become so powerful.  I had been careless; how could I let this happen?

"There is no way out," the voice spat, drawing closer, "There is only you and I.  And you know what that means.  I.  Win."

I could stand still no longer.  My legs took off in some unknown direction, my mind reduced to a puddle of wild fear.  I did not care if I died, as long as I was away from it.

"You fool!  You are only prolonging the inevitable!"  The voice seemed to grow larger, and its bleakness filled me with horror.  My only thought was escape.  I couldn't see a foot in front of my face, but-


My body was numbed by the collision with whatever object I'd run into (presumably a tree).  The voice caught up with me, unfatigued and more powerful than before.

"Tisk, tisk.  You can run, Jack, but you can't hide." Darkness seemed to seep into my body upon hearing these words.  Two strong, ice-cold hands gripped me by the collar and hauled me into the air.

"So tell me, Jack," the voice began, "where is your savior now?  Who do you have to run to?"

I didn't answer.  I only stared into the darkness, unable to see the face of my foe. 

"Exactly!  Nothing!  There is no one here to save you!" It laughed a dark, hearty chuckle and raised me further into the air.  I felt darkness begin to creep upon the edges of my soul.  I felt faint and my conciousness began to flutter uneasily.

"I've been waiting years for this.  YEARS!  And now, I shall be fulfilled.  I shall reign supreme, unchallenged!  And there's not a single soul you can trust."

It was then that I saw a sliver of moonlight shine through the violet-black veil in the sky.  The light was like a beacon for my soul.  My eyes locked onto it as I shivered in the dark entity's grasp.  I saw the outline of a dark hood in front of me.  Somewhere inside, I felt hope.

I swallowed and nearly choked on my own words, "There is someone I can trust."

The entity's grasp tightened even more, "Yes?  And who might that be?  Who in this whole God-forsaken world is going to save you?"


The word fell out of my mouth like a truth that had been denied for many years.  Even though I couldn't see the figure's face, I felt an air of confusion and slight annoyance.  I said it again, with more feeling and passion.

"Me!  I'm going to save myself."

White Energy burst from my hands and sent the figure reeling backwards.  I cast fire to the grass and leaves around me.  I focused and allowed the Energy to flow through my entire body.  My eyes emitted white light, and hot fire illuminated the figure which had trapped me.  I felt myself growing in height.  The figure cowered below me. 


I smirked, "I don't need someone to save me, you fool.  I have grown strong over these past few years.  You will not take me prisoner again."

As I spoke, I became aware of a white-hot fury burning inside of me.  It manifested itself in the form of white Energy, pulsating from my hands.  I raised them up so that my hands were aimed at the black figure.

"This is for the hell you put me through."

If the thing had eyes, they would've grown about three times their own size by now.  I let loose the pulsing Energy from my hands and allowed it to consume the dark entity in a blaze of rage.  There was a tormented scream, then nothing.  A scorch mark upon the earth.  I lit fire to the rest of the forest and flew up into the sky to watch it burn below me.  I was finished with this wretched place, once and for all.

"I am my own savior, and I will not be taken by anything, human or inhuman."

This is my world.

The End

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