I can honestly say that I didn’t see that one coming, my successful sister having a baby. I thought she would work for a lot longer before having a family. Nevertheless, I’m happy for her, it turns out that they are staying with Mum and Dad for a few days, so I’ll be able to catch up with her in the next few days. Mum and Dad called round after Rach, turns out they had only found out a few hours before me. Dad is much friendlier towards Jen this time, for which I’m thankful.
           “Ey, Jen,” he says, “Can I just say something? I’m really sorry about the way I spoke to you the last time I saw you. I was in a bad mood, and it was wrong of me to take it out on you,”
           “It’s OK David, I understand. I’ve moved on and now it’s just water under the bridge, so to speak.” Jen says as I shoot a glance at Mum, who is visibly impressed by Dad’s efforts.
            “May I just say as well, both Anne and I are impressed and thankful for how you have cared for Rory in the past few days. It could have been difficult; after all he can be a difficult patient!”
            “Ay, Dad, I’ve not been any trouble. Been a first class patient, haven’t I?” I say, hoping Jen would agree.
           “Well, yes, about 90% of the time,” she smiles at me, and I have a flashback to the incident  on the sofa.
          “90%? What was he doing Jen? Not swallowing his tablets properly?” Mum interjected, “You never could swallow them when you were a child,”
         “Yep, that was it, bloody tablets. They really are big bastards!”
         “Rory darling, mind your language when your dear Mother is around,” Mum chuckled at me
         We chatted for ages and several drinks later, my parents left. There  leaving comment was that we were both very mature, it left me with a warm feeling inside, if I’m totally honest. After we had waved them off, Jen had twisted my arm into watching a gooey film, normally I refuse, but today I don’t have the energy too. Jen snuggles up to me after she puts the DVD in.
           “Rory…” she said eventually
           “Yes?” I said winding my fingers round hers.
           “I was just wondering what you would say if I came to you and said that I was ‘late’?”
           “Late? You’ve lost me?” I say, kind of confused
           “You know ‘late’ late..” I am still shaking my head, “I mean I’m late with my period, silly,”
           “Oh..Are you?”
           “No. I meant hypothetically. I mean what would you say if it did happen and it transpired that I was pregnant?”
           “Oh…Well, I would be a bit apprehensive to begin with, but then I suppose I would then be the happiest man alive!”
           “OK,” she says, “You wouldn’t think I was too young would you? Like if I came and said all that to you next week,”
          “No. Like Mum said, you have your head screwed on, you would cope, plus you would have me to support you all the way,” I say meaning every word.
          “Thank You,” she whispers, leaning into kiss me, “I have also decided I come off my birth control, as it makes me feel a bit ill and I dislike the weight gain,”
      “Jen, stop worrying about your weight. You are fine.”
      “You lie,” she jokes, “I was talking to your sister earlier and she inspired me to make this decision, not because I want to get pregnant right now,” she smiles at me and takes a deep breath, “Because, I want things to take a natural course, I love you so so much, I’m moving in with you, we’re getting married, then next natural step is a baby. Whether it be next month or year, I want to have your baby,”
         “You know, you don’t have to do this?” I question her with a smile, as I sit up further.
         “I know, but it’s something I want to do, there is a difference you know!”
         “Come here,” I say bringing her extra close to me and putting a gentle kiss on her lips.
         “What was that for?”
         “Nothing. Just for been the best girlfriend in the world.”
         “I’ve been downgraded to girlfriend now, have I?” she says jokingly
         “No. I was thinking more along the lines of beautiful, intelligent, mature, shag worthy young woman,” I say, kissing her between every word, “Did I mention beautiful?” I say once again as I move on top of her.
         “Mmm, I think you did, once or twice,” she giggles as I kiss her once more, I happen to move my head too quickly and suffer a bit of a head rush, “Rory, are you OK?”
         “Yep, just a head rush. Nothing serious,” I move slightly to the right and can feel myself falling off the sofa, so I grab Jen and we both tumble to the floor, she on top of me, still with our lips touching. Eventually she breaks the kiss, signalling toward the windows and the blinds.
        “Why you need to close them? No-one will see us,” I reassure her
        “You never know. Anyone could be watching, I don’t want some old guy seeing me,”
         “Well, you have this ‘old’ guy watching you,” I say jokingly, making another joke toward the age gap, I get up and make my way quietly toward the window, where Jen stands, I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her close to my body.
          “You know,” I say kissing her head, “I’m lucky to have found you. If I hadn’t then God knows where I’d be now, probably flitting between women, with no goal in life,” she looks up at me, kind of confused, wondering where this is going, if I’m honest, I don’t know where I’m going with it, “Instead, I found you, someone who understands me, cares for me and who has both pushed me and supported me in my career. So thank you,” Now we are face to face, I bend down to her level and kiss her, we stay there for ages, until the loudness of the phone breaks up apart.
         “Mmm, just leave it,” I say, trying to persuade Jen into letting it ring out.
          “It might be someone or something important,” she points out, leaning in for another kiss before reaching for the phone, “hullo,” she says, walking around the room, “Oh, hello. Yes he’s fine. I’m looking after him just fine. Yes, I’ll give him your love,” another pause, so I take the opportunity to snake my arms around her waist once more, kiss the crook of her neck and whisper into her ear. 

The End

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