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Rachael Gray

I walk hand in hand with Jon up to my Grandparents house, until I stop outside on the driveway. I wish I could live here, it’s beautiful, unfortunately its Jon’s job which keeps us away. The house is quite large, our Grampa bought it soon after he got married, he was a successful man and he owned his own lawyers office in Glasgow, and had many ‘celebrities’ on his books.
             I remember many childhoods spent here, playing in the back garden with Rory, even when we were little he was still so much taller than I. I remember that many of my friends thought I was the youngest sibling, despite being four years older than him. Mine and Rory’s childhood had been a bit more ‘low key’, we lived in a modest house in a Glasgow suburb, we lived within our means and enjoyed it. Now Rory had the chance to live like his Grandparents. Lucky sod.
             I walked slowly towards the door and rung the doorbell, after a few minutes, Jen answered the door brandishing a smile and hugs. Like many of Rory’s friends I was sceptical about their relationship and in particular the age difference, however they have made it work and I’m really happy for them. It seems so strange to see my brother settle down before he met Jen, he didn’t seem interested in relationships, he was more of a ‘shag and ditch’ guy even at the age of sixteen. Now at twenty one, he is settled down, engaged to a lovely girl and has a good career in front of him.
             “Come in, come in,” Jen signals, I look around the hallway, its changed so much since I was last here. Before there was a grandfather clock against the back wall, but now there is a table with flowers, pictures and decorations, with a mirror at the back of that.
             “The clock…” I manage to splutter, Jen smiles at me.
             “It’s at your parents house as they thought it wouldn’t be to our style,”
             “Phew, couldn’t bear the thought of a stranger having the clock Grampa worked so hard to buy,” I shudder at the though, I continue, “Where is my idiot brother?”
             “In there,” Jen points, “Laid spark out on the sofa,” I press down on the door handle and the door swings open, I look over to the sofas and I see Rory’s mop of hair slumped against a cushion, red marks on his head.
             “Is he OK?” I ask Jen
             “Yes, he is now, he just had a bit of concussion, I think it’s gone now, which is good. I’ve had to support him walking through the house and my poor little body can’t cope anymore!”
             “Aww, I’m sure you’ve been doing your best,” I smile and place my hand on Jen’s arm, “Rory, it’s Rach, can you hear me?” I whisper, slightly shaking him.
             “Mmm. I can hear you! I’m not bloody deaf you know!” he says blearily as he opens his eyes, “Rach, oh my God what are you doing here?”
             “Oh, charming! I come all this way to see my injured-in-action brother and this is the reception I get,” I say with a bit of a frown, “I’m joking honey, come here,” I say as I fling my arms around him. I look at Jon and nod at him, we’d discussed earlier that he would instigate this conversation.
             “Erm, guys, me and Rachael have something to tell you,” Jon says as he looks back at me, waiting for me to break the news. Duly I tell them that they are going to be an aunty and uncle in a few months time, Rory gets up to hug me and shake Jon’s hand whereas Jen gives me a warm smile and a massive hug.
             “Well done, I’m really happy for you guys,” she says and turns to Rory who wraps his arms around her, “Another niece or nephew for me to dote over,” Rory rolls his eyes as if to say ‘women’.
             “It’ll be your turn next to get knee deep in hormonal women and the pit that is baby stuff,” I chuckle at him and notice that Jen has a uneasy smile on her face, she smiles back with love at Rory though.
             “I’m just going to make some drinks. Who wants what?” she questions, the responses come back for tea for the men. I tell her that I will help, probably just as well as Jon can be quite fussy.
             “When did you first think you could be pregnant?” Jen says as she closes the door.
             “I’m not really sure, but I have had horrific morning sickness so far. I was less than two months gone when the sickness started, but I didn’t suspect pregnancy. I thought I’d just caught a bug from one of the children at school, but the sickness went on and on. I went to the doctors and he ruled out a stomach bug, took bloods and it came back that I was pregnant.”
             “Are you OK now though?” she asks
             “Not really, my sickness is still here, two months after it started. I’ve also been diagnosed with very high blood pressure, which puts me at a higher risk of a premature birth apparently.”
             “Oh well, I hope you go full term and that all is OK with Bubba O’Donaghue,” she says sympathetically, “Can I tell you something?” she asks and naturally I nod, ushering her on, “Rory has started to talk about babies a lot recently. We were looking after my nephew and he said that he was imagining our children and has started to talk more about pregnancy as well,”
             “Oh, well, I would ask him what he would think if you were to go to him and say you were pregnant, and go from there. I’m not saying get pregnant for the sake of it, far from that.”
             “I just feel I’m far too young to have a baby, as I’m not even eighteen yet, I don’t know if I could cope with a baby,”
             “Well, honey, if it makes you feel any better, I think I’m too young to have a baby, and I’m much more older than you. And if truth be told, I’m petrified but Jon is delighted. You’ve just got to find a middle ground for both of you.”

The End

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