I stayed up for hours just watching over Rory, I didn’t even feel sleepy. At about two I thought my sleeplessness state was getting beyond a joke, so I fought my way out of the duvet and shoved some socks on and made my way to the door. It cracked open as I pressed down on the handle, waking Rory from his drug induced slumber.
             “What’s happening?”
             “I can’t sleep. I’m going downstairs to find something. Go back to sleep, I’ll be back up again very soon,” I say quietly, hoping he will take my words seriously.
             “Mm, kay,” he says as he slumps back down on the pillow. I carefully make my way down the stairs and tackle the laminate flooring in the kitchen. I open the fridge and I’m almost blinded by the light in the fridge, I root out some juice and down some Kalms. On the way back to bed, I go to the bathroom and then get back to the heat of my bed. Rory has only entered a light slumber and is awoken by my arrival.
             “Everything OK Jen?”
             “Yep, just went to get something to help me sleep, I’ve been awake ever since we came to bed. I’m knackered.”
             “Oh, come here,” he says, I can almost hear his smile through the dark, he pulls me closer into the warmth of his body. It’s comforting and immediately I feel better. I reason that the reason I can’t sleep, is because I’m not in Rory’s arms. I snuggle into his chest more and begin to feel more and more tired and I shake my body to help me stay awake.
              “What are you doing?” he asks
              “trying to stay awake, to make sure you are ok,”
                “You need to sleep. I’m fine, my head doesn’t hurt anymore,” he says, kissing my head, “Sleep, my lovely,” I feel myself drifting ever further into unconsciousness. I sleep fitfully until about nine; when I decide it must be time to get up. I roll over to look at my phone, but my eye lids become heavy once more and I fall back to sleep. I wake up to feel Rory’s arms snaking round my waist and him pulling me closer to him, I could get used to waking up like this every day. I can feel every contour of our bodies are joined. How I wish I wasn’t wearing pyjamas. I surrender to his kisses on every part of bare skin he can reach and after a while, I roll over so I am face to face with him. I stay there a while before kissing his nose and exiting bed. I set about making food for us both, normally Rory has one of his massive calorie breakfasts but I don’t know how to make them, so I hope tea and toast will suffice.
                   I spend the rest of the day fussing over Rory, although we don’t actually get to spend that much time together, as he keeps getting visitors. One visitor I wasn’t expecting to see was Rachael, Rory’s sister, I haven’t seen her for a long time and Rory hasn’t seen her for nearly a year. Turns out that she had a surprise for me and Rory, she and Jon arrived and the usual welcomes were issued, she took off her coat and I noticed that she looked different, Jon went over and kissed her and gently placed his hand over her stomach.
                  “Hey little bro, I’ve got to tell you and Jen something!” she said quietly, Rory shuffled on the sofa into a more upright position and I sat down next to him.
                   “Do continue Rachael, the suspense is killing me!” Rory snorted as he rolled his eyes.
                   “Well, Rory, in around 5 months time you are going to become an uncle and Jen, you are going to become an aunty,” she grinned and patted her stomach, I immediately sprung out of my seat and hugged her.
                “Aww, Rachael, congratulations!” I squeal as Rory staggers up and shakes Jon’s hand.
                “Well done mate,” he says, before walking over to his sister and hugging her, “Well done sis, why didn’t you tell me before now?”
                “I wanted too, more than anything, but I’m having a more high risk pregnancy, so I wanted to be safer than sorry. I hope you understand?”
                “Of course I do!” he says before hugging my waist and resting his head on mine.
                “It’ll be your turn next, little brother,” she laughs
                “Yeah, I know. I’m just waiting for the good news from this lady.” He says as he pokes my waist.

The End

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