I stood out on the pitch; I towered above the rest, if I wasn’t nervous before, I was now. I heard someone mutter something in my ear but I couldn’t hear or decipher what they were attempting to say. I scan the crowd in front of me to find Jen, I almost give up but then I see her, her lightly tousled hair blowing slightly in the spring wind, her natural features standing out even more than normal. I allow her eyes to catch mine and I smile at her, I am proud of me and I know for a fact, she is proud of me as well. The music starts to play, and our opposition sings first, then it’s our turn, the whole stadium erupts into song, its breathtaking, it really is. A short pause for us to get into position, then a shrill whistle kicks things off. I play well and get the ball a few times and set off quite a few points. I tackle one of the opposition and we both fall to the ground and I hit my head off the rather solid ground, the pain is bearable. I then feel the bottom of boots kick my head, why couldn’t they run around me, this sensation occurs again. The pain is excrutiating. I must pass out on the pitch because everything goes black, the pain is still there but it just feels like I’ve gone to sleep. When I wake up again I am being lifted onto a stretcher. It’s not exactly the way to end it in the dressing room and not the hospital.
             The next thing I know I was in the hospital I could feel someone holding onto my hand. I gradually started to move my fingers as I moved further into consciousness, I can hear a conversation going on between Jen and the doctor, turns out I had been for a head scan. I have to sign a piece of paper then Jen can take me home, I manage to stand up eventually and realise I’m still wearing kit and Jen is lifting up my legs, one by one, attempting to put my sweats on.
             “It’s cold outside,” she says, “Don’t want you catching cold now do we?” she then attempts to put my hoodie on for me, but I laugh and struggle to put it on myself. She walks me to the passenger door and carefully tries to lower me into the car, my head is spinning, I have been told to take some ibuprofen and something else I don’t remember the name of, so we have to stop for that on the way back. Jen slides into the driver’s seat, she looks a mess.
             “What’sa matter?” I manage
             “Nothing. Just reliving what happened tonight. You know when I saw you on the pitch I nearly spewed on the spot.” She looks towards me, I shake my head, it is noticeable how worried she is, “Rory, promise me that if you feel sick you tell me? So I can attempt to get you out the car,” she smiles at me again.           
             “Yes, boss.” I say, as she falls into silence, concentrating on how to get back to the stadium, so she knows the way back because I sure as hell don’t remember.  I must fall back into a slumber, because when I awake we are in a car park and I am being shaken awake by Jen.
             “Rory, baby, wake up for a few minutes please. I’m just going in the shop to get the drugs for you. Please don’t try and do anything silly and keep the windows open and if you feel sick, open the door,” and with that she kisses my forehead and walks toward the shop, returning in ten minutes.
             “That was quick,” I say, shocked that she hasn’t taken longer.
             “Yep, I know, went straight to the pharmacy and handed the prescription the doctor had given me, they nearly didn’t give me it because they were about to close up but I told them it was an emergency,” she says and leans over to kiss me again.
             When we enter my house, the first thing Jen does, after accompanying me to the sofa, is fetch me a glass of water and some of my painkillers. I flick on the TV and catch the last twenty minutes of our match, we are still leading by a significant amount of points, I look around for Jen but she is nowhere to be seen, so I turn my attention back to the screen. I hear my name being mentioned as one of the best players of the match despite being stretchered off. I also hear that the players, who trampled my head, are being investigated and perhaps punished. As the end credits play, Jen reappears and sits next to me, the painkillers are beginning to take an effect and the pain is beginning to numb so I take this opportunity to pull her close, she is rather cold to begin with, she looks up at me and I reassure her with my eyes. With that she lays down at right angles to me and leans the back of her head into my crotch, I trace my fingers around her face and then down to her chest, before she interrupts my thought and movements.
             “Mr Gray, didn’t you hear what the doctor said earlier?”
             “No, as I remember, I was spark out on a hospital bed.”
             “Oh. Well he said no strenuous exercise and we both know how exciting it gets when you start to do this!” she looks up at me at a funny angle.
             “Hmph, so that means I can’t take advantage of you whilst you’re here?” I say glumly
             “Not entirely,” she says, sitting up and sitting cross legged on the sofa next to me and takes my face in her hands and brings it close to hers.
             “Mmm, well. I suppose this will have to do,” I say, surrendering to kisses. After a while Jen breaks the silence and says , “C’mon, let’s get you to bed.”
             When we get upstairs, Jen begins to undress me until I’m naked, I want to sleep like this and I usher her away when she attempts to put some boxers on me. I collapse into bed and watch her get changed in front of me, dash to the bathroom continuing to get ready for bed, before collapsing next to me in bed. We lie face to face and I place a hand around her waist and it doesn’t take long for the painkillers to take effect and soon I am dropping into a deep sleep. 

The End

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