A Few Weeks Later

             I take my seat in the stands in Murrayfield, after much persuasion Rory had twisted my arm to come and watch his debut match. I tried to persuade him that he was under enough pressure as it was without me there. He had argued back, saying he wanted me there and would drag me there if he had too. So straight after college, I had packed my bags and drove, speedily, but safely to Glasgow. Dumped my things at the house and found Rory’s instructions on how to get to Edinburgh and Murrayfield, in the little pile of information I found the ticket. I resolved to find someone there and get them to show me to my seat.
             Now I was sat in the crowd at this massive stadium, my nerves were through the roof. I sat next to this gorgeous blonde woman with tousled hair and near sky blue eyes; she turned round and was sporting a huge, warming smile.
             “Hello, honey. I’m Kaity,” she said
             “Jen,” I smiled back to her, “I’m so nervous and I’m only sat here”
             “First time at a game?”
             “Yep,” I sigh, “Well, no, I’ve been before, it’s just its Rory’s first ‘big’ match. I’m nervous for him,”
             “Oh, you’re the girl Rory talks about literally all of the time?” I was a bit shocked at the way she said girl.
             “He talks about me all the time?” I smile at this thought
             “Yes, he does darling. Thom always says so,”
             “My boyfriend. You don’t know many people here do you? Don’t worry, we don’t bite, we’re all really nice,” I smile back at her, I really hope so, she seems really nice and friendly and has agreed to take me under her wing in these crucial weeks. She appears to think that I’m going to all the next few games until I explain that I have yet to finish my education. I am surprised she does not judge like so many do. She said something which really struck home, ‘If it’s true love, then age is just a number, don’t worry what anyone else says, it’s what you feel.’
             “Try telling that to my parents,” I sigh.
             “Oh dear, time will tell how they truly feel!”
             “It’s been nearly two years since I last spoke to them,” I’m slightly shocked by how much of my back story I am telling this near stranger, she grips my arm and says:
             “If they are not willing to accept your love for Rory, then they are not worthy of your love.” I was about to reply to her but I was cut off by loud music and people running onto the pitch, some blue, some red. I sat with my right hand shielding my left, I rubbed my ring in the hope it gave Rory some luck. I spy him as they line up to sing, he’s not hard to miss, he is too tall to just blend into the crowd. I think he spied me, as he grins and I shoot a text to Twitter, “At Murrayfield, watching my boy play! :) x” The next few minutes are some of the best, the whole stadium erupts as they sing the anthems, the musicians exit the pitch and everyone takes their places and then a shrill whistle starts everything.
             I understand a little about the game, but other aspects I don’t understand. We start off well; I am reading the scoreboard now. I shoot a few texts to Twitter about the game and how it’s going, when I look up from my phone, I see someone on the floor. I don’t take much notice until they show the face on the big screen. The person was in pain, I could see that, it took me a minute to realise it was Rory in pain.
             “Oh. My. God.” I stutter out, I feel sick instantly. I see the medical team rushing towards him. My face must look scared.
             “It’s ok honey, he’s in the best hands possible now,” Kaity says, her words don’t comfort me much, I can’t rest until I know he is safe and talking to me. I see they are taking him off the pitch on a stretcher, I leave my seat and walk forward a few rows until I come face to face with someone who tells me they are a physiotherapist and I ask them to take me to Rory, thankfully they oblige.
             We walk to a room, just off from the changing rooms, Rory is inside and I have been told to wait outside, my phone buzzes, it’s Tom, “Babe, just saw R’s accident on the telly. Hope he’s ok, don’t worry too much, he’ll be ok soon’. The team doctor ocmes out and tells me he has taken kicks to the head and is suffering from concussion and is going to be taken to the hospital for a precautionary head scan.
             “Don’t worry. It’s just procedure, it’s totally normal for this type of injury,” he continues, “I’ll just get his things from the changing rooms. Do you have a car?” I nod, “OK, well you can follow us to the hospital, and then you will be free to take him home,”
             I follow the ambulance to the hospital in some kind of daze. As soon as I enter the building, they know who I’m looking for, I’m given directions and enter the room. He is just about to be taken for his scan, I sit down and sigh, within twenty minutes they return.
             “That was quick,” I say, I had half expected to be here half the night.
             “These things don’t take long,” the doctor smiled, “I’m pleased to say Mr Gray only has concussion and is free to go. I need to be assured that you can look after him sufficiently?”
             “Oh, yes, I can, I’ve dealt with people with concussion before. I’m here for a few days so I’ll be watching him,”
             “OK, I wasn’t doubting you; I just have to make sure I make myself clear. I have to stress though miss, he must NOT attempt any strenuous exercise for a few days, and he took a serious knock to the head tonight and needs to rest. Anyway I’ll just go and get some papers for you to sign then he needs another once over before you can leave,”
             “That’s fine. Thank You,” I hope my voice displays my thankfulness. I walk over to the bed where Rory is and take hold of his hand and he begins to flex his fingers.
             “Hey Rory,” I soothe, “You’re in the hospital, you got knocked out. I’m taking you home soon,” I smile as he flutters his eyes open. He smiles back at me, grateful as ever.
             “Thank you,” he whispers, as the doctor returns with the papers for me to sign.
             “Right then mister. You’re free to go and for Christ’s sake, don’t worry this young lady anymore than you already have!”
             “I don’t intend to”
             “Right c’mon then, let’s get you home,” I say, helping him up and putting on his sweats for him, he can’t do much as he is still out of it.

The End

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