As soon as Jen said ‘Yes’, my whole world became complete. Our new life was taking shape at a rapid pace, it excited me, although I know it was scaring Jen. She’d left a huge wet patch of tears on my jumper, and for once I didn’t care, I’d let my tears run into her hair. It took a while to pull away from me and when she did she was free of tears and in their place, a grin.
             “Come here, you adorable lump,” I say, pulling her close again. Our embrace is broken by the home phone ringing, Jen jumps and I chuckle at her.
             “Hello?” she says and after a minute, she continues, “Really? I didn’t know you were up again,” another pause, “Of course me and Rory will look after him today. What plans do you have? Yes. Yes that’s fine. See you then.”
             “Didn’t know your cousin was coming up?”
             “No. Neither did I. Apparently he was coming up to see Gran and to let her see the baby again.”
             “That’s nice of them,” I muse, slightly annoyed that I do not have her all to myself today, “What time are they coming over?”
             “About half one”
             “Hmph,” I sigh, “I was hoping to have you to myself today,” I trail off, moving my fingers down her back suggestively.
             “I know, but there is always tonight. I’m all yours then.” I bend down and press my lips to hers gently.
             “Indeed there is tonight. I thought that seeing as we have a little person in tow today, that we could go and buy some things for the house today.”
             “But you’ve got everything?”
             “I know. I just thought that you would like to choose some things, seeing as you will be sharing it,” I grin down at Jen, who is delighted by this fact, “Anyhow, I need to change my top before your cousin gets here.”
             “I need to get changed into something nicer,” she bounds up the stairs and I promptly follow her, by the time I reach the bedroom she is already flinging out clothes which I will need to approve. She strips down to her underwear, ready to get redressed, every time she does this in daylight I am taken aback by how beautiful she is.
             “What?” she says, breaking my thought process, “Have I got something on my face?” she laughs, turning round to look in the mirror.
             “No. I just love your body, it’s not my fault if your body is so beautiful that I have the urge to stare at it once in a while,” I defend.
             She finally settles on a pair of skinny jeans, which show off her toned legs and arse, a small tee shirt and my Glasgow hoodie. I don’t mind her wearing it, but it covers up her curves and makes her look round. I sigh and pull her towards my seat on the bed, she squeals like a child and we kiss briefly before she breaks away.
             “Need to put make up on” she says, emptying the whole contents of her bag onto the bed, it doesn’t take her long to put the make-up on, I can’t see the difference but it makes her happy. We have a quick kissing session on the bed, but all too soon it is over. We are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jen breaks my kiss and then kisses me quickly a few times. When I eventually drag myself downstairs, I see Jen holding the baby.
             Sam is the baby son of Jen’s youngest cousin, who is only a couple years older than me. I like him, he is a pleasant sort of chap. Sam has a crop of brown hair and green eyes. The hair from his dad and the eyes from his mother. He looks so peaceful in the arms of Jen, she looks so natural and happy. I take a minute to wonder what our children would look like, I smile at the thought of Jen holding a child of mine. Suddenly a voice snaps me from my daydream.
             “You alright mate?” Mickey says, holding out his hand waiting for me to shake it.
             “Yeah, I’m good thanks. Tired of training all the time, but still good.”
             “Oh, well, as long as you’re happy. Jen told me of your promotion. Well done matey!” he says, slapping my arm, I pass a look at Jen and smile, “Right well, we’ll be back about six ish, and if you give me the car keys, I can put his car seat in.” he says as Jen throws the keys at him.
             We look around several home department stores picking out items and discussing where they would go. I had my arm around Jen the whole time, apart from when I was picking things off the high shelves. Several times when I looked round, she was looking adoringly at her beloved nephew. I leant down for a kiss and tried to dispel the thoughts of our children from my head. We stood in the queue for a while, when an old lady commented on us, Jen looked flustered and I turned round.
             “Thank you,” I said with a smile, “The child is not ours, he’s my fiancé’s nephew.”
            “Oh, is that right? Well, you look like a pretty, little family.” Said the old lady, we were engaged in conversation for a while longer, Jen clutching hold of my hand. All too soon, Mickey returned to reclaim his son and wishes us the best for the future and promises to visit soon.
               “That was a good day,” I comment as I flop down onto the sofa.
               “I know it was, I enjoyed it”
               “Mmm, I was just thinking, how at ease you were holding Sam before, when they arrived. I stopped and thought of you holding my children,” I stop and look at her face, “I’m sorry, that’s a bit premature isn’t it?”
             “I don’t mind,” her voice full of honesty, “Besides, you’d have to get me pregnant first!”
             “Aye, I know. Why don’t I try now?” I smirk, pulling myself up and enveloping Jen in my arms, “I think we should begin right this second, right here”
             “Rory! Here? The living room? What if someone comes to the door?”
             “Well, we’ll just have to be quieter then won’t we?” I grin and kiss her and whip off her, my, hoodie.
             “Mmm” is all she says, surrendering to my kisses and letting me undress her. Her brown eyes are full of want, I take off my top as she can’t reach and lift her up so she can easily reach to kiss me. Before I know it, her legs are wrapped tightly around my waist, her boobs pressed against my chest struggling to be contained within her bra and finally, her lips are welded to mine. I just want to lay her down and begin but the floor is such a long way down and I’m afraid I may drop her, so I carry her upstairs, flinging off my trousers as we go.
             “I thought we were staying downstairs?” she says between intense kisses.
             “Whatever gave you that idea?” I say, placing her carefully on the bed and jumping on top of her, careful not to squash her. I kiss her passionately and my kisses lower gradually, I am naked but she still has her trousers on, the only problem is I can’t get them off!
             “See, safety first,” she chuckles, “Attackers can’t get them off!”
             “Hmm, but people who need to take them off, cant.” I laugh and take one final tug at the trousers, and then I’m left to look at her naked body. I work my way back up her body and whisper something in her ear and she nods and kisses me back. I work my way back down her and carefully separate her legs and slowly get to work with my tongue. It’s been so long since I’ve done this, I need to get myself reacquainted with her. I work slowly but quickly at the same time, until I stop and realise that I should be looking at her face and not her arse. I sit on the side of the bed and bring her close to me and start to kiss her again and begin to stroke her thigh. I lie her back and then I lie on top of her, I could easily spend every afternoon like this. She kisses me this time, passionately yet urgently, like she needed me right this second. I obliged and carefully slid inside her, looking deep into her eyes all the time. Our eyes never left each others throughout the duration. Normally I’m paranoid about pulling out before the ‘end’ but today I don’t care. I fill her up until I can’t anymore; she looks content with me and life.
             “I love you so much, Mr Gray,” she says with a grin. I kiss her before she can finish my last name, and we just lay there in the midst of sweat and love. 

The End

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