I open the front door to find my best friend standing in front of me. Her sudden appearance takes me by surprise, I haven’t seen her since Friday night, but I’m sure she hasn’t messaged me to say she was coming over.
                “Are you going to let me in or am I to stand outside all the time?”
                “Sorry Jen. Come in, I’m just taken aback by your surprise visit!” I take her to the living room, seeing as everyone else is out.
                “So missy, tell me the gossip from Friday, I didn’t see you much”
                “Well,” I say, struggling to keep in my excitement, “After I had ditched Tyler with someone else, I met this other guy called Angus. He was really nice and from what I can tell he is a bit younger than us”
                “And?” she continues, “Are you seeing him again?”
                “Yes!” I half squeal
                “Good for you lovely. You deserve somebody to love you for who you are!”
                “I know,” I just can’t hold in my excitement. I notice Jen has been clutching on to her hand like it’s going to fall off, “Hey what’s up with your hand? Have you hurt it?”
                “No!” she says and sighs. Jen slowly unravels her hands from each other and thrusts her left hand in my face and lets out a little scream.
                “Woah, woah, woah!” I say grabbing her hand, “When did this happen?”
                “On Saturday morning, he looked after me because I was hanging. He told me he had got a surprise for me and when I went downstairs he had decorated the kitchen and then proposed. Let’s just say, there were tears shed by both parties!”
                “Awwwwwwwww!” I coo, “That is sooo cute!”
                “I know, and the best bit is, I didn’t see it coming! It was totally unexpected. Although I have got to say, when he started talking about moving in with him in his little speech I did suspect something”
                “Oh my GOD! Who else have you told?”
                “No-one. You’re the first! I haven’t even told Rachel, I haven’t seen her at college as she has been ‘ill’”
                “I am so honoured that I’m the first to know! Baggsy being bridesmaid! Hahaha,” I laugh, half serious.
                “Trust me; a wedding is far in the future, not right now, or at least not for a few years. A long engagement seems like a good idea to me”
             “I’ve decided something else. I’m going to try and make it up with my parents; I want to be on speaking terms with them, seeing as I’m moving and so on. I don’t know where to begin though, in some ways I don’t want to contact them but I know I have to”
              “You’ll do what is best, you always do, but you’ve got Rory to support you as well you know. Anyhow you haven’t been online much. What have you been up too?”
              “Well, college was a day off on Monday, training day or something, so in effect me and Rory hadn’t surfaced for three days! Then just college and stuff, trying to prepare for my finals plus Rory has gone back to Glasgow.”
             “Oh yes, he makes his debut soon doesn’t he?”
            “Yes. He is so excited bless him, he wants me to be at the game but I’m not sure.”
             “Jen, you have to go! It would make his day.”
             “I know it would, but I don’t want him pressured to perform well if he knows I’m sat at the side of the pitch. I don’t know, I might go!”
              We talk for hours about little things that we couldn’t talk about on Friday, just catching up in general. I’ve missed having her around, and I’m going to miss her terribly when she moves. It’s the end of January now, Rory makes his debut in two weeks, and Jen finishes college in June then she is moving. Five short months I have left with her. 

The End

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