The night passes too quickly in my opinion. I was enjoying the opportunity to spend quality time with Jen, without one of us having to dash home again. The night was going well, I was already steaming by the time we got there, probably something to do with all those shots we did back at the house. One of the times I had visited the bar, I had left Jen in the company of Rachel and Tom, however when I returned she was being chatted up. I promptly kissed her when I reached them, just so this idiot would get the message. This lad was so out of his mind because of the drink and maybe because of drugs. He looked up at me when he realised that someone was hitting on ‘his’ conquest. As soon as I saw him, I knew who it was, that guy from a few weeks back.
             “’Scuse me,” I say, “Just what do you think you are doing?”
             “Telling her how much I wanna”
             “Well there is no need to do that,” I interject, I do not want to hear how much this twat wants to fuck my girlfriend.
             “What does it matter to you mate?”
             “Well, mate, given that I’ve just kissed her in front of you and was doing so the last time you made such a comment, I would say that it does.  Also I think our four years together have to count for something.” Before I know it, this guy has turned on Jen.
             “Oi. You never told me you were taken,” he sneered, “You could have said BEFORE you kissed me”
             “I’m sorry, but I did NOT kiss you and frankly, I wouldn’t even if you were the last man on earth.”
             “Sure thing, mate,” he said turning to me, “You surely don’t believe this idiot do you?” pointing at Jen.
             “Actually, mate” my voice pierced with sarcasm, “I do. You see, that’s what relationships are based on, trust. I trust Jen entirely and if she said she didn’t kiss you, then I believe her.” At that precise moment, this guy took a swing for Jen. Thankfully Tom managed to grab Jen and pull her out of the way before he could have hit her, otherwise she would have taken a hit on the nose.
             “Right, that’s fucking it,” I shouted, “I don’t mind you taking a pop at me, but my girlfriend? That’s out of the question, and more to the point, its fucking low.”
             “Well then, she shouldn’t spread it about so much then should she?”
             “Well, I’m sorry,” said Tom, still holding onto him, “You were the one making all the advances towards my friend. SHE was the one pushing you away, because she loves someone else and frankly isn’t as low as you.”
             “Tom, we are takin’ him outside”
             “Baby,” Jen managed, “What are you doing?”
             “I’m taking him to the security guards, so they can deal with him. Attempting to hit a woman is a low blow.”
             “OK. Well make sure you look out for yourself” she says, leaning in for a kiss. It’s adorable how she always looks out for me. I can handle myself, just not when people make accusations about my girlfriend. There was also some discrepancy about the legitimacy of my ID, it took a fair few people to convince the bar staff I was who I said I was. I was tempted to use the ‘don’t you know who I am’ line but decided against it.
             Now we are in the taxi on the way home, the driver has just deposited Rachel and Tom leaving us alone. Every time I drink loads around Jen, it makes me hornier; I don’t know why exactly, it just does. 
             “I can’t wait to get you home” I laugh and whisper at the same time, placing my hand gracefully on Jen’s thigh.
             “I know darling. Neither can I. Do you know, I realised something tonight?”
             “What’s that then?”
             “That I love you beyond everything in my life. Tonight has made me realise I can’t wait to move away from all the losers here and start our new life together” I smile at the way she says ‘our’ life and kiss her gently.
             “I know. Neither can I” and continue to kiss her and I don’t stop until we get home. I am sober enough by this time to pay the taxi driver, Jen manages to stumble out of the taxi and I catch her before she hits the deck. God, even when she is drunk, she is so adorable, if I could, I would just have sex with her right here, in the middle of the street.
             As soon as we are in the house, I am pawing at her dress, I want her and no-one is going to stop me. Jen is attempting to wriggle out of the dress, which is very tight, so I have to give it an extra tug. Soon she is just stood in her underwear; I decide that it is unfair for her to be nearly naked. I pull off my t-shirt and fumble out of my jeans and half run to Jen. We kiss passionately in just our underwear, bare skin touching. I don’t care that my hard on is pressing against Jen’s thigh, carefully and slowly I reach to her bra and undo it and let it drop to the floor. I love the feel of her tits against my chest, oh god, it’s turning me on beyond belief. Our lips never leave each other’s while we make love, I love it, I love my girl and most of all we are going to spend so long together. We make love several times; I stroke her hair for ages, until she falls asleep. I reason that tomorrow is the day. 

The End

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