Me and Jen get well and truly in the mood to party by doing vodka shots. I am quite partial to shots but, my God, I can’t handle them. Jen, however seems to be able to handle them to a better extent, could be because she is a bigger body size than me, being chunkier appears to be better. By the time Tom arrives I am more than slightly tipsy, I stumble over to him and manage to slur something before I am instructed to have something to eat and am only allowed to drink water until further notice. I am given copious amounts of water by Jen and manage to spill the majority of one glass over my dress. I manage to sober up a bit by the time Jo and Tyler arrive. Now that everyone is here, carnage is about to happen.
             “Right, who’s for a Jack and vodka?” I hear Rory say, as he is pouring half a bottle of Jack into a jug followed by copious amounts of vodka. As a staple, both Tom and Tyler agree to it, Jen looks wary but eventually agrees, Rory looks at me and Jo.
             “Why not?” I say with Jo nervously nodding beside me
             The mixture is a light amber colour, the colour itself is beautiful, I inwardly cringe at what it may taste of, after all I’ve never had whisky before. Both whisky and vodka had been chilling in the fridge so it would go down better.
             “Right, are you guys ready?” Rory half shouted, setting the shot glasses out and pouring the mixed liquid into them and passing them round, “On the count of three down in one, got it?” everyone nodded obediently, “One….Two…Three”
             Before I knew it the liquid had found its way down my throat, I pulled a face, but the taste is strangely good. I hold up my glass for Rory.
             “Rack me up another please!”
             “Anyone else want another?” Rory offers, everyone accepts his offer, and we drink until the liquid is all gone. By this stage we are all quite drunk and we grab bottles of lager before we head out the door to the taxi. The motion of the taxi moving is making me slightly sick but the journey will be over soon. When at college, Rory pays the driver and tells us all that we will have to pay him at a later date. The car park is already heaving and we aren’t leaving for another fifteen minutes. We scramble onto one of the buses, we settle for some seats eventually. Jen and Rory sit on one row, me and Tom on another and I’m not too sure where Jo and Tyler go. As soon as we sit down Jen and Rory are all over each other. Tom strokes the side of my face and whispers to me.
             “You look beautiful tonight. I just want to kiss you right now.” He is a bit tipsy and doesn’t really know what he is doing.
             “I know you do,” I whisper back, “But not right now, later when we are in the place”
             “I’ll have to wait til then I suppose” he says glumly, I peak round to make sure Jen isn’t watching, she is too busy with Rory to bother so I turn round and kiss him gently.
             “Not quite” I say quietly and with that the bus gets going and we crack open some more alcohol. The bus is very noisy and the radio is on loud but I still can’t make out what song is playing. The bus shudders to a halt in the middle of nowhere, Tom stands up and I ask him what is happening.
             “Everyone’s getting off for a piss. You coming?”
             “I’m waiting until I have an actual toilet. I’m not squatting in the middle of nowhere you know. You don’t know who could be watching”
             After around 5 minutes everyone returns to the bus and Tom clambers over me and the bus returns to the road. The next thing I know the bus is pulling into the venue and the party is going to get well and truly on! Me and Jen make a mad dash to the toilet and we are all but first in the queue. Normally we are right at the back, although I have a feeling it is down to my abusive nature that we are at the front on this occasion. We dance and drink the night away. After about half an hour I am stuck to Tom and likewise Jen with Rory. Tyler has wandered off and is more interested in some other girl rather than Jo, not that she is that interested, as she is occupied by someone else. By the end of the night, I have stopped drinking and have managed to sober up quite quickly. I said to my parents that I was staying at Jens house, but in actual fact I’m staying at Tom’s. Obviously I could not tell them this, as they would go off it. Before I knew it, we were in the taxi home with Jen and Rory, I hear Rory instructing the driver to go to Tom’s house.
             I woke up at about 4 o’clock and groaned and tried to sit up, except I couldn’t, I had Tom’s arm firmly around my waist. I summoned up the energy to move his arm, and he awoke from his slumber and I quietly made my way to the bathroom. I quickly went to the toilet and whilst I was there, I noticed the small specs of blood on my thigh. I am no longer a girl, I’m now a woman. I smiled at the thought of what had happened earlier on. I smiled, it had been the first time for both of us, and we had both been pleased that we shared it together. I clean myself up a bit and crawl back to bed and into the arms of my fabulous boyfriend. 

The End

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