I wake up on Friday morning with a smile on my face, because I get to see Rory again but because we get a night out. I take a quick shower, knowing full well I’ll take a longer one later when I have more time, and I finish running around getting ready for college. I all but fall down the stairs and stumble into the kitchen looking for something for breakfast, pull open the fridge but the only thing I can see is alcohol. Me and Rachel are planning a pre-party, well when I say we, I mean her and of course muggings here got volunteered to host it. I root around the cupboards and eventually find some crisps, its not ideal but it will have to do at the moment. I quickly ring Rachel to ask what we are doing, as we made the pact to eat loads during the day and drink loads during the night, as not to get hangover later on tonight. She confirms this and we say we will go for an extra large lunch and have food before everyone arrives tonight, that way we can drink all we like and not be paralytic.
                I jump into the car, blast some music out and set off to college, I am nearly there when I realise I have no idea what Rory is doing or what time he is getting here, so lovely to be in control of this situation. He knows my timetable today so maybe he’ll just go straight to the house, with men its best not to assume the obvious. The Kings accompany my journey into town, one of my music loves, I half sing and half scream out some of the lyrics. The traffic is a living nightmare here, I do not know how half of the drivers actually pass their tests and for tailgating me when we are on an open stretch of road? That’s just idiotic, either pass or drop back, don’t sit up my arse for half an hour.
                In lesson today we are discussing exam results and doing some past papers, the story of my life. I don’t really know why we are doing past papers, after all we have just come out of January exam season and we have only just started doing our new topics for our June exams, so we don’t know much. This teacher really doesn’t know what she is doing! Bloody marvellous. I spend the majority of the day with Rachel, as normal but today it is different, we spend time with Tom as well, I get the feeling she isn’t telling me something, but don’t feel like questioning her.
                At third lesson, we enter the classroom and find the teacher absent, thus we effectively have the lesson off, this makes us both happy. We drive down to the supermarket and stock up on pasta ans chips, food of the gods in my opinion, we get a couple of things for Tom, as we don’t want him to be left out. We were going to buy more alcohol in the supermarket, but we decide that because I am not yet 18, this could prove difficult. Instead I am ordered to drive into town and am expected to find a parking space, even on a good day this is a mean feat, especially so close to dinner time. We decide that it is only fair to divide the cost of the alcohol so we both get £30 out the bank; this party is going to go with a bang. We casually walk into the shop and start to eye up what we can get.
                “What exactly are we looking for?” I enquire
                “Anything with a high alcoholic volume will do” she says simply, “Preferably something cheapish as well”
                I spy out the vodka, then clap eyes on the Jager, I don’t know whether I could cope with both but we ask for bottles of both, I nearly hit the floor when I find out how much the Jager is. I reason that it will be worth it though, I decide to ring Rory to ask what he wants and if he is bringing any with him. The phone rings for a while before he answers.
                “Hello baby. Me and Rachel are just wondering whether you want anything in particular for tonight? We are in Booze now..Oh and are you bringing any with you?” I say quickly, “Sorry to sound so rude,if I do”
                “Well, I wasn’t planning on bringing any with me because I don’t really have much in the house. Oh, I know what you can get, some whisky and make sure you have some coke”
                “What is it with the Scottish and their whisky?” I question, half laughing
                “Well, I just like it. And for an extra laugh, I’m going to get you to try some!”
                “You do realise I will probably spew everywhere?” I laugh, “Oh don’t worry, we got you some lager stuff the other day, they are chilling in the fridge as we speak”
                “Oh good, you take such good care of me”
                “I know I do, part of the job description. Anyway, we are going to love you and leave you as we need to pick these things up and dash back to mine and cool them all, plus I need to tidy up a bit”
                “Ok lovely, well don’t worry too much about the mess, I’m sure they won’t worry too much about it. After all, no doubt someone will be too drunk to notice” I can hear him laughing on the other end of the phone, “Anyway, I’ll see you verrrrry soon, bye baby”
                I tell Rachel about him wanting whiskey and we eventually find it in the shop, after much searching. We don’t even know which one to get, so we ask the shop assistant.
                “Hi there, which whiskey do you recommend?”
                “Well, there is Johnny Walker or Jack Daniels.”
                “Oh bloody hell, I have no idea. Sorry, can I just find out?” I say apologetically and leave Rachel to talk to the shop assistant. I text Rory frantically and ask him, within seconds he responds with Jack Daniels. We pay and exit the shop, we have spent a fortune yet we have not got that much to drink. We natter all the way to my flat, I dash inside to get the drinks in the fridge, or at least try and find a space for them.
                “Bloody hell” is all Rachel can say when she sees the fridge, “How many people are you expecting over?”
                “Well, there is you and me, Tom, Rory, Jo and Tyler, so we kind of do need this much!”
                “Oh and how are we getting to college? Walking?”
                “Taxi as far as I know, I think Rory is paying” When I say I think he is, I mean, he is, although he doesn’t know it yet!
                The rest of college goes so slowly, I think it’s because we all want to go out and have fun, that the man up there has decided to be a bit of a bitch to us. After what seems like an eternity the bell signalling the end of the day goes, I all but run out of college, I simply cant wait for tonight. I’m so wrapped up in my thoughts I don’t even see Rory stood by my car, I thought he was just going straight to the house but clearly not.
                “Heya, how long you been stood there?”
                “Not long, I asked the taxi driver to drive slower so I wouldn’t have to wait for ages. He agreed surprisingly” he smiles, he doesn’t realise how adorable he sounds, he really doesn’t.
                “Ok, well we need to drop Rachel off at her house,” I say, turning to her, “Do you want us to wait for you?”
                “God, Jen. You know what I’m like at choosing outfits! Actually can you just come in for a few mins just so you can approve what I’m wearing”
                “Yes, ok, as long as Rory doesn’t mind?”
                “Nope, I don’t mind” Rory says, I don’t think he has grasped how long I could be in the house but never mind. We pile into the car and set off, we reach Rachels house in no time and me and her pile out the car and she shows me her outfit, she doesn’t try it on, but she looks perfect. I assure her and doubly assure her she looks fine and leave her to shower and get ready on her own. When I return to the car, it appears Rory had intended on me being in the house for longer, as he seems surprised that I am walking towards the car.
                “What happened? Why are you not still in there?”
                “Oh so you want me to go back in there do you?” I say jokingly reaching for the door handle, he objects to this and pulls me round and kisses me.
                “No, of course I don’t. Now can we go?”
                I drive home as quickly as the traffic allows, I just want to get in the bath because I frankly stink and my hair is a mess. Rory holds my hand the majority of the way home, I know he has missed me I missed him too, but no time to show it right now. When we reach the flat Rory grabs his stuff out of the boot and I go inside and pour myself a glass of wine and say I’m going to have a bath and I will be back soon.
                “But, baby, I only just got here and your going in the bath?” he says in a rather cute voice.
                “Well, it isn’t meant to seem that way. I’m only going in now because I really smell and I need to wash my hair so badly and if I don’t then everyone will decide to come early”
                “Well, you don’t smell, and your hair is fine” he says pulling me close and smells my hair, “Actually on second thoughts your hair maybe does need washing” he laughs a cheeky laugh, I jokingly hit him and tell him off for bullying me, steal a quick kiss and head for the bath with my wine. 

The End

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