It’s been several days since ‘the kiss’ happened and I’ve been trying to avoid Tom at all costs, but with it being Monday tomorrow this plan is going to come unstuck very soon indeed. Wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t best friends. Bloody hell, why am I so fucked up at time? It’s about time I acted my age and not like a petulant child. I need to sum up the courage to send a text or call him but I fear it may end in more humiliation for yours truly. I feel like this and we’ve only been back from Scotland an hour. Jesus, what am I going to be like tomorrow? I slug down the rest of my Rosé and pluck up the courage to send a text, “Sorry about yesterday. We need to talk. X” I thought that was a reasonable text to send, as soon as I pressed send my nerves collapsed into a massive heap.
             The next ten minutes became unbearable until a text came through from Tom. My head was telling me to read it but I was afraid of what my heart would feel. The internal battle continued until my head won. It read, “I don’t feel sorry and you shouldn’t regret it. You are right we need to talk. Can I come over now? Xx”. After reading it my heart was pounding, I didn’t know what to think, I really don’t want to get my hopes up, only for them to come crashing round my ears. I instantly dials Jen’s number, she will know what to do. I don’t even give her chance to say hello.
             “Tom’s coming over to discuss the other night. What should I do?” hoping she would give me the answer I was looking for.
             “Well, Rach, you have to go with your heart lovely. If you don’t you may regret it.”
             “What happens if I go with my heart but it gets shattered right in front of me?”
             “Tom isn’t like that. He loves you as a friend, who knows if he loves you as more. You have to do this otherwise he might find someone else”
             “Don’t say that!” I protest
             “Well then, act on your feelings then you have the chance of keeping him” she advised, I wondered where she gets all this advice from, I really do. Maybe its because she had to grow up quickly. Whatever, but all I know is that at this minute she is the voice of reason.
             “OK. Well, I will, I suppose. Better tell Tom when to come over”
             I shoot Tom a text to say that is now is convenient, get changed into something more, well, revealing, maybe that will sway him. I pour myself a small glass of Rosé, down it and put the bottle away otherwise I’ll never stop. Before I know it, there is a knock at the front door, bloody hell had he being waiting outside the house waiting patiently for my reply. Certainly seemed like it at the minute. I casually walked and answered the door, didn’t want him thinking I am too keen, well I am, but y’know. I finally muster the courage to say something after standing at the door like a goon.
             “Hi, come in, come in, don’t just stand there” I usher him inside, I can feel my cheeks going red, how bloody embarrassing.
             “Are you ok?” he enquires, “You seem a little … flustered”
             “Yeah I’m fine. I’m just nervous. Would you like a drink?” I say, opening the fridge to show what we have.
             “Nervous about what?” he asks, he must catch sight of my face, he then catches onto what I mean, “Oh” he says simply
             “Yeah, so you see now?”
             “Yes” he says positively, “There is nothing to be nervous about” he is getting gradually closer to me, “because I’ve been thinking about what happened as well, granted, I haven’t thought about much else to be honest. Didn’t sleep the night it happened. My mind was everywhere”
             “You don’t have to do this y’know. You don’t need to, just to keep me happy”
             “I don’t have to do anything I don’t want too, but I know I want to do this,” emphasising the know  “I wanted to do this that night, but I was too scared, too afraid of what you might do, but no more.”
             And with saying that, Tom moved closer to me and put his glass down on the side, just so he could look deep into my eyes. I had wished for this day for so long, I can’t really believe it is actually here and I don’t really know how to react to be honest. I am a little shorter than Tom, but not to the extreme of Jen and Rory. He cups my face in his hand and brings his head close to mine and our lips touch. They touch so lightly but even still, fireworks explode deep inside me. We are both comfortable with this, so our kiss becomes more passionate and ever so slightly I am raised onto the kitchen counter, just like in the movies. I guess his neck must have been aching. We finally break away from each other, I must have a grin on my face, as Tom breaks the silence with, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that”
             “And you have no idea how long I’ve wished for you to do that, because” I pause, thinking do I really want to say this.
             “Because, I think I love you” he smiles at me and kisses me again, signalling the beginning of our love story. 

The End

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