My house now feels very empty. A couple of hours ago it was full, and most of all, my gorgeous girl was here. I know I’m going to see her in a matter of days but I’m still going to miss waking up to her face. I’m sat in the bedroom, looking around the bed is exactly as we left it several hours ago, after our love making session. I lie down and smell her side of the bed, all it smells of is her, just the sweet smell of her skin and shampoo. Just lying here and smelling is bringing a tear to my eye, I get the feeling I need to man up and quickly. I decide to shoot a quick message to Jen, “Hey beautiful, by the time you get this you will be home I think. I miss you loads already, I wish you were back here right now. I smell you, but can’t see you and its killing me. I love you to the moon and back baby xxxxxxxx” God alive, if my teammates could see me now, they’d probably never speak to me again. Oh well, I don’t really care, I just want to let my feelings be known to my girl. I look round the room and see a pile of dirty clothes left by Jen, I think she expects me to wash them? Not too sure, but I will anyway, I may keep one item out, just to keep her close. In the distance I hear my phone vibrating, by the tone I guess it’s a call. Its Mum.
                “Hello, Mum”
                “Hi son. Just wondered if Jen is still there darling?” she enquires, “It’s just your Father wants to apologise for the other day”
                “I’m sorry Mum, she went home a couple of hours ago. So I see he has finally come to his senses and has decided to apologise. You know his comments were out of order!”
                “I know they were darling. I don’t think he meant to upset the poor girl” Mum argued
                “Well, he did! He suggested that my girlfriend was going to cheat on me purely because I got selected! Hardly a fatherly comment!” I continue, “Also he wasn’t the one who comforted her the other night. She thought he had a higher regard for her than that!”
                “Did she get really upset Rory? I’ll bloody kill him if she did”
                “She was rather upset Mum” Well, I thought, may as well milk this bit; try to get the Father feeling rather guilty. If she was upset, she didn’t tell me, she was more bothered about getting my clothes off!
                “If you give me her number, I’ll ring her. Get him to apologise in person. I did have her number, but I think I lost it”
                Duly I give Mum her number, and make the mental note to tell her to pretend she was upset. I love winding my Father up sometimes, but other times I don’t feel guilty. He shouldn’t make comments like that, those sort of comments are likely to come from my mates. If they come from my mates, I don’t tend to take notice of them, as they always make them, but my Father and the tone he said it in! I decide to go on a run to clear my head, best way I always think, I rush around and get changed then out the door, iPod on full blast my thoughts drift away. I ring Jen after I get back then pop in the shower. Its good hearing her voice again. I get beers out the fridge and get back on the blower to Vern. It’s a date apparently.
                When I’m downstairs I realise there is another pile of bloody clothes. I mean how many does one woman need, I swear she has thousands of bloody pants, tops and cardigans. I resolve to move them, but before I can the door goes. I open the door, and there stands Vern, brandishing some DVDs and booze, I step aside and he rushes to the kitchen to cool the beers.
                “Ye Gods, Ror, whats these clothes doing here?”
                “Yeah, I just found them when I came down now! Women! Got thousands of things”
                Before I know it, he has spied some bras, and is looking at them in greater detail. What the fuck is with him? I think he must have been drinking before he got here.
                “Mate, what size is this?” he enquires holding the offending item up, “It looks biiiiiig. Although it could be my vision”
                “Vern, I have no idea” I say, blushing slightly, “The right size?” I venture, “Now can you put them down and go into the lounge and put a bloody DVD on?!” I bundle the clothes into the washer and start it up, shaking my head at my friend. I go back into the lounge with a few beers in my hands, I stop in my tracks, what the HELL is he watching. A bloody porn movie, that’s what.
                “Vern, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”
                “Errrrm, watching this?” he ventures, as the action unfolds on the screen.
                “I want you to turn it off. Now.”  I can’t even look at the screen. I honestly don’t know how people can watch this, it’s horrendous. I would rather not have images of ‘the business end’ in widescreen occupying my living room.
                “Aww, Rory. What is up with you? Why don’t you want to watch it?”
                “Are you actually seriously asking me that? I have a girlfriend, Vern, a girlfriend, of about 4 years. It’s wrong for me to watch that, it’s horrible! To be honest, I’d rather not see all the action.”
                “Rory, she won’t know! What does she expect you to do? Play with yourself?”
                “Just don’t go there, ok? Had a bit of a rough weekend, so can you just turn it off?” he huffs and switches it off, thankfully, “Oh and you can take it away with you, and return it to whoever gave it you!”
                “Mate, rough weekend? What exactly do you mean by that? And in what context?”
                “Well, rough as in.. you know..and then we went to Ma’s and Father really upset Jen, about cheating and so on”
                “What? Is he insane? She would never do that!”
                “I know that, she knows that, Mum knows that. It’s just him that seems to have the problem” I say, sinking a beer, “Anyway, we watching a movie or what?”
                We sit in quietness watching this movie, god knows what it is, but it’s bearable. The silence is occasionally broken with laughter or a few comments; I get up to go the bathroom. When I return Vern has broken into the vodka and jager in the kitchen. He was rather wasted when he got here, now he is going to leave in a worse for wear state. He persuades me to have a few, but I don’t want to have too many, mainly because I want to ring my girl before bed. At about 11 I manage to pack Vern off in a taxi, I quickly remind him that we have training tomorrow, although I doubt he will be in a suitable state. I dial Jens mobile number, it takes a while for her to answer, and I hope that I haven’t woken her up. She answers blearily, which means I have, bummer, I feel really guilty now. I ask whether she minds staying up to talk and we talk for a while until she falls asleep on the phone. Bless her. I get into bed, on her side and fall into a fitful sleep. 

The End

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