I reason that Jen must be back soon; after all she has to be back for college tomorrow. Jen is one of my most long standing friends, there for me through thick and thin. Likewise me with her. I was one of the first people she told when she got together with Rory. I look up and see a small silver car coming towards me, must be Jens. Soon enough, the car has pulled into the small driveway, and my friend is clambering out the car.
             “Oh my GOD! What are you doing here?” She all but screams, taking me into her arms, “I thought I wasn’t going to see you til Friday?”
             “Well, I was passing through anyway, so I thought I would pay you a visit”
             Jen is possibly one of the most beautiful people I have seen. She is of a slim stature, but not too thin, just the right size for someone. Her face, oh, if I were woman, I would. Every feature of hers is perfect, well I say every feature, obviously I don’t mean ‘down there’. Would have to ask Rory about that one!
             I follow Jen into the house, she is carrying a few bags and shortly puts them into the washer, before pouring me a drink and plonking down on the sofa. We talk for what seems like hours, catching up on all the information we had learnt about. She tells me about her move to Glasgow and I tell her what has happened at college and boys.
             “Ooh, Jen. Forgot to tell you, I met a lovely fella when I was out on Friday.”
             “Do tell! Do tell. Was he a fittie?”
             “Oh, yes, absolutely! Would have given him a taste of Jo loving if I had the chance! Unfortunately had to go home instead, no way I could have taken him there. Father would have had a fit.
             “So then, what his name? Or do you not know?” She says with a wink.
             “Yeah, I do know his name, I’m not some kind of slut y’know. His name was Tyler and he is gorgeous. He is going to the social you know.”
             “What? Does he go to college?”
             “Nah, I just invited him.”
             “Mate, you do realise you have to have a ticket for him?”
             “Yeah, yeah. Will get him one. Don’t know how, may smuggle him in under my dress! Mind you, wouldn’t mind if he WAS under my dress!” I say with a snigger. Jen just shakes her head at me, she knows what I’m like. I am now looking forward to Friday more than anything. I have a good feeling about this. 

The End

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