I wake up and instantly feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I haven’t drunk anything to my knowledge; however I can’t remember all the details at this moment in time. I can’t muster the energy to even turn over, eventually I blearily reach over to touch Rory. Rory is nowhere to be found and the bed is cold. I see that he has left a note for me on the bed side table. ‘Morning beautiful, gone for a run and may go to gym, depends on time. Went out at half 6 should be back by half 9. If you wake and see this, go back to sleep and I will be back next to you before you know it. :) x x x ‘
             I groan and roll over, bloody men I think to myself. However I do think it is cute he leaves me these little messages to reassure me. I drift off to sleep for a little while until my phone bleeps and wakes me up. It’s one of Rory’s team mates, I wonder what he wants, he never usually texts me. I open it; it’s a picture message, taken in the gym by the looks of it. It shows Rory pulling a riduclous face whilst lifting some weight, I look at the caption ‘What a funny fella, eh? So adorable isn’t he?’ My face breaks into a smile, he is my funny fella. I send him a message back, as I don’t want to appear rude. ‘Haha, what a babe. P.s. Thanks for waking me up lol x’ and with that I drop back to sleep and nothing wakes me up. I am slightly aware of someone walking upstairs and into the bathroom, I think it must be Tom. I try and listen to their next movements but it doesn’t work, next thing I know someone is climbing into bed next to me, and curling up to me. I instantly smile and start to say something but I’m stopped by Rory’s finger. I sit up and tell him I’ll be back in a minute, I rush to the bathroom, clean my teeth, wash my face and go to the toilet. After all, gotta make myself presentable for my boy, I catch a glance of myself in the mirror, I look a state.
             “Have you put make up on?” Rory questions me, as I walk back into the room and get back into bed.
             “Just a little bit,” I say, “I look a state. Dragged through a hedge backwards, as my Nan would say!” he strokes my cheek lovingly.
             “You don’t need make up. I love you no matter how ‘much of a state’ you look” and with that, he kisses me tenderly, and we sink into each other’s arms and become completely absorbed in each other. I don’t want to leave bed, but it’s getting on for dinner time.
             Me and Rory are glued to each other, even when we are downstairs, it doesn’t seem to bother him that Rachel and Tom are around. We both know full well that three of us have to leave tomorrow morning. Thinking about it makes me slightly sad, but then again, I know I get to see him on Friday, for the social. This should be fun. He can buy me all my drinks for Friday; will have to get Rachel to buy some alcohol before then. It really does suck not being eighteen yet. The hours leading up to our departure time go too quickly, before I know it we are due to leave. Rachel and Tom have been quiet all weekend, just getting on with life, whereas I have been too absorbed in Rory. I am starting to become upset at the thought of leaving.
              Me and Rory had made love several times last night, after the last time we curled up together like we always do, and I just started crying for no reason. Poor Rory didn’t know how to soothe me, he kissed me, stroked me, talked to me but nothing worked. I felt like a fool, I turned over to face him, my face blotchy from crying, my mascara running ever so slightly, I couldn’t even summon the words. Rory took me into his arms and finally said.
            “Whats wrong? Has something upset you?”
             “Leaving you is upsetting me. Simple as that, lovely.” I manage to choke out the words.
             “But you will see me in a matter of days. You will see me soon, you won’t even miss me” he protests, he honestly doesn’t know how much I miss him when he is hundreds of miles away, the physical distance is often too hard to bear.
             “I will miss you. I always do. Sometimes it is too hard to bear, and I just want to drive and drive so I can fall asleep with you.” I am still crying, “I mean don’t get me wrong, I love you, I really do. But you have got to understand, from my perspective, it is hard to see couples all the time being all lovey and I don’t have the opportunity to do that as much as they do. They are their showing off their other halves, and I’m not. It’s just getting to me more and more, and I don’t know how to stop it.”
             “Aww baby, I’m sorry its getting you down. I really am. We only have to carry on this for a few more months, then you will go to sleep with me every night.” He soothes me with his words, my tears are drying up and I smile back at him, “Now, can we please make use of our time?” he sniggers, as he pulls me closer to him.
             That time had gone too quickly and now we were back on the road, driving ever further away from my beautiful boyfriend. Rachel knew what I was feeling so kept quiet, Tom was less sensitive and was asking about what training Rory took part in. I have no idea about these things, so just told him that he went to the gym and that was all I knew. The next few hours are slightly painful, the music is on loud to drown out all our thoughts. We soon reach home, I drop Rachel off first, then Tom and then I am left alone. Alone with my thoughts, possibly the worst place to be. I pull up to my flat and some one is waiting outside. Jo. 

The End

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