The walk back from Mum’s house was a lovely one; it wasn’t too cold for a late January evening. I held onto her hand like, if I let go, she would disappear into thin air. I am still inwardly annoyed at my Father for his comments earlier; Jen knows this so she is not making any comments about it. Best to let me stew I think. I suddenly look down at what Jen is wearing, leggings and a long t-shirt. How can she not be cold? Albeit she is wearing one of my hoodies. I reason that she is bluffing that she isn’t cold, bless her, doesn’t want me making a fuss. I pull her closer, just so she isn’t too cold. Not that I can talk, I am only wearing a t-shirt, I am frankly freezing my bollocks off.
             “You are so cold” Jen says as I pull her closer to me, “Why don’t you wear this hoody?”
             “I don’t want to wear it” I say, “You would be too cold then. We don’t want you getting hypothermia, do we? After all, I’m used to it, what with being Scottish” She has stopped to look at me, shaking her head. I take this opportunity to steal a kiss from her lips. “Now, can we please go home?” I smile at her.
             We arrive home to find Tom in the lounge and Rachel nowhere to be found, he informs us she is in the bedroom. Oh Lord, something must have happened. This is a nightmare. I dispatch Jen to talk to Rachel, and quick. Once Jen has departed the room, I sit down next to Tom and ask him what’s upset him.
             “She kissed me” I look shocked, I knew she liked him but didn’t realise she would actually kiss him.
             “Shit. What context was the kiss, if you don’t mind me asking?” I say, trying to work out what contexts there could be in this situation.
             “Honestly, mate. I don’t know. All I know is that she kissed me!”
             “I felt the need to respond. There I said it.” He looks nervous all of a sudden. If Jen were here, she would be jumping up and down like a loon. “I just felt I couldn’t, because she looked like she was going to collapse, then she ran off. I wanted more than anything to follow her, but I was rooted to the spot” he continues, “What was it like for you and Jen? How did you actually get together?”
             “I had seen her on one other occasion before I actually talked to her in person. I mean, with the joy of Facebook, we had been talking for a while before that. But as I can remember it, I just found her after the match, and said that I liked her. Then just, y’know, kissed her. And the rest they say, is history.”
             “You mean, it’s as simple as that? Fuck. Where did I go wrong?”
             “Tom, you need to talk to Rachel.” I say sternly, like I am his father or some such. I feel quite proud at this advice I have just given. Tom gets up and nods and smiles, and goes upstairs to talk to Rachel. Soon after, Jen comes downstairs, changed into something more appropriate to the weather. Still adorable though. She sits down and snuggles up to me, I wish we had a open fire or a fire of some sorts, could get used to snuggling by it.
             “Been a bit of a strange day, hasn’t it? Me getting verbally abused by your Dad, Rachel kissing Tom and you telling him what to do”
             “Are you saying my advice is useless!” I look at her, laughing.
             “No, I didn’t mean that” she says,  “You know what I meant, don’t you?”
             “No, not really? Maybe this will give me some insight” I look at Jen and start tickling her. Tickling her is hilarious, possibly the most ticklish person I know. She starts doing some kind of break dancing manoeuvres on the sofa and starts to kick me in between laughing. Bloody hell, if she’s not careful, she’ll have my eye out! Before I know it, she has recovered herself and has darted upstairs and asked what everyone wants to eat, I could murder a bloody pizza, probably best if I don’t ask for one. Jen comes and goes several times, preparing food and then coming and watching TV with me. Eventually, at around 8, we have food. Turns out we are having pizza and some salad, bit of a weird combination, but I am assured this is a quick fix meal. Jen calls Rachel and Tom from upstairs, they come down after a while and sit down at the table. Me and Jen look at each other and Tom smiles at me. Something must have gone right.
             We spend the evening watching a DVD, I just want to go to bed and kiss my girl. I want to kiss her during the movie, but decide it is a bad idea with Rachel and Tom around. I will have to wait, to make do with twirling her hair. When the film finishes, Rachel bolts towards the door, however, not before she has shared a glance with Tom. We leave next, leaving Tom alone. Jen has already bolted upstairs and is making up a sheet, duvet and pillows for our guest. The bedding is in one of the wardrobes in the wall, she is pulling them out left right and centre, working out which one to give him, I am laughing at her.
             “It doesn’t matter whether the pillow cases match, you know. It isn’t as if he is going to notice, all he is doing is sleeping under it.” I grab her as she is waltzing round the room, “I can’t wait to get you to bed!” I whisper in her ear, this raises a smile on her face.
             I look into one of the wardrobes, it is full to the brim of Jen’s clothes, come to think of it, a second one is nearly full as well. You wouldn’t she only lives here part time, I look to one of the chairs, it’s covered in Jens clothes I washed the other day. I decide I should put them away before she gets back. She always complains I fold them wrong, oh well; they are getting folded my way. I pick up all these small tops, quite amazing how she fits into them. I realise how mean that sounds, not because she is getting fat, they just look so small when they are not on the body.
             “Rory, what exactly are you doing” A voice says behind me, I turn around.
             “Just folding your clothes darling”
             “You would rather fold clothes than come to bed with me?” She says innocently.
             “Now that is a very silly question. Why would I ever do that?” I say as I toss one of her tops behind me.
             I have got to say, those pyjamas look simply adorable on her, I must say they would look better on my bedroom floor. I let out a little laugh, naughty. To try and disguise my laugh, I take off my top in one swift move. I tug off Jen’s top and remove her bottoms, leaving her in just her panties and bra. Ahh, just adorable. She is wearing too smaller pants which are hugging her larger hips, I must say, they make her arse look damn fine. Her boobs are spilling over her bra, I think she has put on weight, either that or my eyes are failing. I think she states that she was going back on the Pill, which explains her weight gain. She ushers me to come toward her, and she snakes her arms up my back and round my neck. I have to close my eyes, it just feels so good, I just want to let myself go, not yet, not yet. I get the feeling she can feel me pressing against her thigh, she pushes my sweats and boxers down in one move, she is getting rather good at that. I eventually break the silence.
             “Fuck it. Let’s just do it” I say, as I push her down onto the bed, I can feel her hands grasp my hair, it feels good, normally I tell her to stop because it hurts today it doesn’t. I realise she still has her bra and pants on, I will leave the puppies encased for today, luckily my arms are long enough to reach down and take her pants down, she does the rest. I kiss her all over, then enter, and continue kissing. We move around the room, slowly it has to be said, but in situations like this I think it is the best way. We continue kissing for long after we have finished, I allow her to put her pants back on, and she darts to the bathroom to freshen up, I don’t even bother putting anything on before I go to bed. I don’t see the point. She returns and gets into bed and snuggles up to me once again. Her phone goes so I reach for it. It’s Rachel. ‘I heard you two having fun! LMAO..Sleep tight kitty kats Xxx’. And with that text, I kiss her until we both fall asleep. 

The End

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