I wave Jen and Rory off from the front door, don’t quite know why though. No doubt I look like an idiot, I don’t care though. I make my way to the huge kitchen and grab something to eat from the fridge. I’ve gotta say, I can see why Jen wants to move here, it’s stunning and I’m not talking about the area. The house is just the best and I’ve only been in two rooms. If I were her, I would never work, I would just sit at home and look after the house. I sit at the table wondering how Rory manages to keep the house looking this way, maybe a maid or cleaner. Then I remember where they have gone, his Mothers.
             I take the opportunity to have a snoop around the house. First up is the living room. It is a huge room, painted a dark creamy colour, quite classy actually. At one end is a conservatory, from what I can see is used as a drying room. There is a massive TV pushed up against one wall, god knows how big it is, probably two feet. There are numerous games consoles below it. I notice there are large shelving areas at either side of the TV, all jammed packed full of games, DVDs and CDs. That would be worth a few quid, if sold. Massive corner group sofa and two smaller squashy sofas, perfect for evening snuggling I think. Before I know it, Tom has come into the room and flopped down on the big sofa and switched on the TV.
             “Rach. What are you doing?” he enquires, looking at me as if I am some kind of loon.
             “Just taking a look round, seeing what Jen will be living in, in a few months time. That’s all.” I say, as I retreat upstairs. Jen has often mentioned about how beautiful their bedroom is. I wonder whether I should take a peek, god knows what state it will be in though.
             I risk it and open the door, there is a slight breeze coming from one end, there are some double doors leading to a very small balcony. There is a pair of beautiful curtains framing these doors, moving slightly against the breeze. The main focal point however is the huge bed, must be at least king size, if not bigger. Above the bed is a picture of Rory and Jen taken sometime last year, it is one of the cutest pictures I have seen.
             I have come to the resolution I will say something to Tom about my secret love for him. I have caught him staring at me rather a lot recently, don’t know what that means. I wonder whether he is looking at me in an interested way, or just a friendly way. Oh well, I won’t know if I don’t ask. I go downstairs and Tom is still slobbed out in front of the TV without a care in the world. If only he knew what was going on in my mind. He glanced up from his seat and asked me what I was doing; I replied that I was just thinking. As this was my answer, I think he must have decided it best not to ask. Probably for the best. I am snapped out of my thoughts by a phone ringing somewhere in the house, I dart upstairs and follow the noise, its Jen’s phone. I wonder whether I should answer it, I decide it is a good idea to answer.
             “Hello?” I say, wondering who it is
             “Err. Hiya, it’s Jo. Is that Jen?”
             “No, sorry. It’s Rachel, Jen’s friend. She has gone out to Rory’s Mothers house. Would you like me to pass on a message?”
             “Hang on? Mothers? Is she in Scotland? She never told me!” The voice protested.
             “Yeah, we are. Was a last minute thing, to celebrate Rory’s success!!” I say excitedly, I have only met Jo once; she seems like a lovely girl.
             “Well, I was just ringing to find out what was supposed to be happening about Friday. But if she is out, can you get her to text me when she gets back?”
             “Yes, sure thing lovely” I say sweetly, “This number, yeah? Anyway, see you soon. Byee”
             I notice Tom is at the door. Just stood there, looking like I am some kind of idiot.
             “What in God’s name are you doing answering Jen’s phone?” He questions, “Was her phone in here?”
             “Yes, it was. I heard it ring and thought I better answer it, as it could be someone important. Y’know being a good friend and all”
             “Rach. Calm down. I’m joking with you!”
             After this, I have no idea what happens. Before I know it, Tom is right in front of me, giving me no room to escape. I am ready to scream, who does that. Unless they are going to make a move on you. Fuck. I feel faint, I need to sit down, but I can’t even move, I feel myself make a move toward the floor. Before I know it, there are hands round my waist stopping me from dropping to the floor. Hands, Tom’s hands. Even though my head is spinning, I realise I must take this opportunity as I don’t know when it could occur again. I stand up straighter and kiss Tom on the lips, just briefly. I stop as I realise what I am doing, my head is no longer spinning. I look at him in shock and simply say ‘I’m sorry’ and run off to my room.

The End

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