The journey back up to Scotland was a hellish one. Me and Rory had agreed that Rachel and Tom could come up with us. I think Tom wanted some tips off Rory about training and stuff like that. Last night, after Rory had asked me to move in with him, he suggested we go back to Glasgow for the weekend. I had then enquired about my friends coming too, surprisingly Rory was fine about it. Rang Rachel and Tom in a panic asking whether they wanted to come with us, and promptly got the sound of a resounding yes. So at college bags were piled into my small car.
             We have to drive to the border, we are on the road just after four, after we have cleared all the college traffic. No sooner have we cleared this than we run into rush hour traffic, Rachel is sat next to me and I am swearing and cursing at everyone, the music is on high so my ranting is drowned out. The boys are sat in the back talking about protein shakes or some such, I’m not sure what the hell they are and I don’t wish to enquire. Rachel shoots me a look which says ‘I think I’m going to do something about the Tom situation’. I end up stopping at a service station just over the border; the boys have no idea what I’m doing. I am too stressed, I can’t cope. I wish one of my passengers had cigarettes, as now would be the perfect time for one.
            “Why have we stopped?” Tom enquires, he tries to be funny, “This is not Glasgow? Is it?” I really want to batter him over the head with a heavy object.
             “No. It is not bloody well Glasgow. I am too stressed, I can’t drive! The roads are manic, I don’t like driving when it’s like this” I hope Rory will offer to drive otherwise I may just cry, “I need a cup of tea, and possibly a fag” I don’t normally smoke, the only time I do is socially or when I am stressed. I know Rory doesn’t like it, so I am trying to stop.
             “OK, well, we will take a break for a while. Go get a coffee and food, then I will drive back.” Rory says, I thank him with my smile. I am so happy. I all but run to a coffee shop, I need some caffeine. Rory plonks me down on a chair and goes to get me a drink, Tom follows him like a sheep.
             “Are you OK, Jen?” Rachel asks, “You haven’t been your usual self today. Are you sure you are fine with this move?”
             “Oh yes, it’s not about that. I’m just really stressed about this journey. I have never driven this journey with a car full of people and especially when the roads are manic like this. It just freaks me, that’s it.”
             I get a paper cup plonked down in front of me, I have never been more relieved in my life. Rory sits down next to me and puts him arm round me. Rachel skulks off to buy some magazines I think, don’t even have a clue where Tom has gone. I take this opportunity to tell Rory about the Rachel/Tom situation.
             “You know,” I say, “Rachel likes, likes, Tom. This is partly what I’m stressed about.”
             “You mean your best friend has the hots for your other best friend?” I nod, “Oh dear, well, don’t try and think about it that much, it’s not your problem.” He kisses the top of my head and encourages me to start drinking my tea. I snuggle my head into his shoulder and ask what him and Tom were talking about. I get the usual boring rugby stuff, I don’t understand it. Well, I understand some of it, but not everything. I understand they were talking about training and crap like that. Hey hum.
             We rejoin the road, with Rory at the helm. I talk to Tom in the back seat for a change, before I realise it, we are close to Glasgow. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I had been driving.
             We pull up to Rory’s house, I always marvel at its beauty. It had been his grandparents’ house, until they sadly passed on. It is a large house, but his parents split it up into two smaller houses, one for them and one for Rory, when they thought he was capable of living on his own.  They have since moved to another part of Glasgow, leaving one side of the house empty. According to his Mother, someone is moving in, in the near future. Although I am unconvinced, as they are asking quite a high price for the rent. His house boats a frankly huge living area and large kitchen diner. Upstairs are two bedrooms, the master which is the size of the living room, and a second bedroom which is three quarters the size of the kitchen, with a lavish bathroom occupying the rest. It really is quite a step up from my poky flat. Rachel is speechless. She can’t say anything. Tom on the other hand, does say something.
             “Fuck. Me. Sideways.”
             I have the sudden realisation that I don’t know where two of them are going to sleep. There is likely to be a fist fight over who takes the double bed, unless they decide to share it, which at this moment is looking unlikely. I reason that I will let them fight it out between themselves, as this will be the simplest way to solve it. I give the terrible two a quick tour of the house and show them where things are. Not surprisingly, Rory has buggered off somewhere, leaving muggings to do what he should be doing. Between me, Rachel and Tom we have decided that Rachel will have the room and Tom will make do with the sofa. He decided that he would be the gentleman and allow the woman first choice. Rather nice of him, I thought.
             I hear Rory’s voice ring through the house, no idea where it is coming from though. I leave Rachel; she is admiring the room, it’s nothing special. I have plans to redecorate the room, after I move in, not sure whether Rory is aware of this.
             “Jen, I’m off to see my Mum, you coming?” I look at Rachel and wonder whether she will be ok with me going.
             “Look, just go see his Mum with him. I’ll be fine here, as long as I have the TV remote, I will be OK.” I thank her, duck into our bedroom and launch my phone at the bed. I grab one of Rory’s hoodies off the chair, and hope it’s clean, one can never know with men. I check it momentarily before going downstairs, it will do, I thought. I rush down the stairs and out the door. It seems that we are walking to his Mums. I don’t mind, I need the exercise. I am trying to put on this hoodie, it isn’t going that well, so Rory helps me and pulls it down. I look down, it is longer than my bloody t-shirt. We join hands and head off to his Mums. I love his Mum, she treats me like her own daughter, she spoils me, she really does.
             “Hello my darlings” she says lovingly as she opens the door.
             “Hiya Mum,” Rory says, taking his mother into his arms, “How are you?”
             “Oh you know, darling. Ready to kill yer Father as per.” She turns to me, “I’m about to kill him, Jen, doing my bloody head in he is!” She is gesturing us to go in, his Dad is sat on the big sofa in the lounge and eyes me suspiciously, “Now Dave, Rory and Jen have come to see us and tell us about his news”
             “Aye. Heard about yer news son. Splendid. So Jen, you pleased for me boy?” He looks at me, as if I would hate him for it.
             “Oh yes, immensely. He deserves it, don’t you, Rory”
             “Aye, no, I just thought you wouldn’t want him to do it. Would mean you wouldn’t be able to see him, and God knows who you would seek company in”
             “DAVID!!” squeaks Rory’s Mum
             “DAD!” Rory, well, roars. He is upset by this comment. “How DARE you talk to my girlfriend like that!?”
             I can feel tears in my eyes, but decide to rise above it. He won’t spoil my mood. Rory’s Mum gets up to make us some drinks and she signals for me to follow her, I do. She apologises to me and says he has been in this mood for days. I accept it, he isn’t usually like this and we return to the lounge with smiles on our faces and tea in our hands. 

The End

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