Do not get me wrong, I am very pleased for Rory. It is his dream to start for Scotland’s first team, he has already played for them at all other levels, but this one is the biggy. I am so, so pleased, it crosses my mind that that is the reason he has come down earlier than expected. I doubt he would do that though.
             “Aww, baby,” I say with a smile on my face, “I’m so happy for you. I know you wanted this more than anything!” I am hit by a sudden pang of sadness. I realise this means he won’t be able to come and see me, or vice versa, as much. I feel moisture in my eyes, so I hug myself closer to him so he doesn’t realise. I don’t even know why I’m crying really, it’s bittersweet. I am shaking, and therefore he realises something is wrong. I try and cling to him, but it doesn’t work, he is just too strong.
             “Hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong?”
             “Nothing” I lie, trying to give myself time to form the words in my head, he obviously doesn’t believe me.
             “Jen. It’s obvious not nothing. Otherwise you wouldn’t be crying,” My face probably tells him what I’m thinking, although he looks confused so I’m guessing not
             “I am happy for you, that you got selected. Happier than anything. It’s just I fear I won’t see as much of you, because you will always be training and stuff. I miss you as it is, I can’t cope with you being away for even longer” I say quickly, so that I don’t chicken out of saying bits of it.
             “Aww, please don’t think that. I always have time for you, baby. If I don’t, I make time, you know that!” He says, it raises a smile on my face. I sense he is not done, “There was another reason I came down earlier. I wanted to ask you to move in with me”
             I am in shock again. Did he just ask me to move in with him? Move to a different country, a different city, a totally different place? He looks at me; all I can do is look back with bewilderment.
             “I want you to move in with me” he says again, just in case I didn’t hear him properly. “I just want to live with you, I don’t care where, I just want to be with you all the time. Basically, will you move to Glasgow with me?”
             “But?” I stutter, “I haven’t even finished college? I can’t move straight away? What would I do for a job or education?”
             “I would wait for you to finish, but for a job or whatever, you would have to look around” he says hopeful that I will agree.
            “Oh. My. God.” This is all I can say. My mind is working at a thousand miles per hour, I can’t cope with this. I know why my heart says, but is it the same as my head? This is a frankly huge decision for me to make. I think he is expecting my reply instantly. I switch everything else off in my head, despite Rory looking at me intently. I think and I think, I have made my decision. I have, I have made it. I start to speak, “Rory, my actual darling, it would be my pleasure to come and live with you. But I will have to look for work as soon as possible; I don’t even know what I want to do!”
            Before I know it, I am picked up and spun round and round, it is making me rather ill. I scream, well girly scream for him to stop. ‘Roryyy, stop it! You are making me sick’ I manage to squeak. The spinning stops, thank god, I try and walk to the fridge, it just isn’t going to work. I have to cling to the table for support. Rory laughing at me, he really is such an idiot sometimes. I do a sarcastic laugh at him, I smile, I can’t do sarcasm to him. His face just makes me laugh when I try and be serious. One of the many things I love about him. I manage to pull the orange juice out of the fridge and take a gulp, straight from the carton. This is what I normally do, Rory looks at me as if I am some kind of idiot. Clearly disgusted with me for doing that. I laugh, little does he know I do it when I am at his house, I just never tell him. I get the last few ingredients for the chilli out of the cupboards and fridge and get to work, Rory is watching me, I get too flustered when he does this. Makes me very nervous and I always think I am going to do something wrong. I put my apron on, on top of his t-shirt, it’s longer than my clothes, oh well. It is, however, better than being in the dog house for ruining his clothes.
             “I’m just gonnae go ring my Mum, I need to tell her” he says, giving my arse a quick slap as he exits the room. Typical Rory I thought. I can’t believe I actually said yes. After all, there is fuck all keeping me here, my immediate family hate me and don’t even live in the same country, they don’t have any control over me. I keep in contact with certain members of my family though, they will be happy seeing that I am moving onwards and upwards with my life. All I need to do for the tea is let it cook for 15 minutes and put on the rice, I take this opportunity to nip upstairs and put my leggings on, saves me prancing round in my knickers if someone comes to the door. Also get the opportunity to shoot Rachel a text. ‘Hey. Got big news. Rory asked me to move to Glasgow with him. I agreed! Not til Sept though! Soooo happy. Tell you more tomorrow. Xxxxx’
              After tea I settle down on the sofa to watch some TV, it’s the only peace I seem to get these days. The only other things I seem to do with my life is coursework and revise. Joys. But tonight, I have been ordered to sit down and relax for once. Rory is doing the washing up, he promised to over tea. Am not entirely sure whether it was me crying which clinched it or whether it was me begging him. Convinced it was the latter, if I’m honest. Also dared him to do it with only an apron on, surprisingly he has accepted. Will pop through in a minute to take a picture for my Twitter followers. Hehehee. I sneak through as quietly as I can and snap a quick picture, dopey thing doesn’t even realise, within a few minutes it has uploaded and I resume my place on the sofa and look innocent.
             Rory looks positively edible tonight, he is wearing grey sweats and a light coloured t-shirt. He flops down on the sofa next to me, and I curl up next to him, I have a grin on my face.
             “What’s up with you? You’re grinning like a Cheshire cat!” He looks at my laptop, its open with Twitter up, “Oh no, what have you done?” he is smiling, so I don’t think he’ll be cross.
             “Just uploaded something, nothing for you to worry about”
             “I will be the judge of that” he says, taking the laptop in his hands, he spies the picture I uploaded and shakes his head, “You, my girl are crazy” he kisses the top of my head. See, I knew he wouldn’t be angry.
             We manage to spend a good long while watching all kinds of shit on the TV, then my phone rings. Rory says to ignore it, I so want to, but it could be something important. I look at the caller ID, its Jo. I better answer, I thought. I look at Rory signalling I would answer. I dash upstairs as I answer and sit on the bed, the scene of our loving earlier. I let her babble away on the phone to me, I mention about the move and that she will be able to meet Rory at last on Friday, I make the mental note of keeping Rory away from said idiots from college today otherwise there will be carnage, also make a promise to Jo that Rory will buy her some drinks on Friday. Not too sure how he will take this, hey ho! After half an hour, I relay to Jo that I need to go as we are going out, we aren’t really. Cheeky me. I return to Rory on the sofa, he looks rather bored.
             “So then, Jo have anything interesting to say?” he is feigning an interest I can see.
             “No, not really. Just gossiping, you know us girls” I say curling up to Rory, I am very sleepy. I thank myself that I took my contacts out and have got my glasses on, I can feel my eyes closing, I am losing the battle. I must doze off into some kind of sleep, Rory is stroking my hair. When I wake up, I am being carried upstairs, and being tucked in by Rory. He curls up to me, presses every inch of his body to mine, and I fall into a deep sleep. 

The End

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