Big BreakMature


                I didn’t want to wake her, she looks so peaceful. A small smile has appeared on her face, I think she can sense me staring at her, I can’t help it though, she is that beautiful. I can honestly say I would stay awake all night just to make sure she slept properly. I am often told by Jen herself that she needs her beauty sleep. I disagree, every time. She is already the most beautiful person; I love every feature about her face. Her lips are the cutest colour of pink, eyes the most delicious colour of brown and eyelashes that don’t even need that mascara stuff, all girls rave about, yet she still insists on wearing it.
                I have my hands around her waist, I could stay like this forever if I had to. She wakes and I smile at her and get a quick kiss on the nose. She prances around the room in my t-shirt, it is way too big for her, although from this angle I can see her arse. This is making me happy. My stomach growls and Jen realises she needs to make food, she makes a mean chilli, right now I could devour a whole dish. I can hear her dancing down the stairs and into the kitchen, she switches the radio on, I’m not sure what the music is but I don’t really like it. My phone rings, I have to scrabble around the room, following the sounds of the vibrations.
                “Hello” I say, slightly out of breath
                “Ahh, he arises. Thought we’d lost you for a minute. Been trying to ring you for ages.” Bloody team mates I thought, they always ruin the moment
                “Yes, well, I went to meet Jen but left my phone here by accident. Sorry, wasn’t important was it?”
                Vernon laughed, clearly knew what we had been up to, “Ahh, giving her a royal fucking were you? You dirty dog”
                “You my friend, are a vulgar cunt” I say jokingly, anyone who listened in on our conversations would think we were having a verbal fight, “No, we were just discussing things. Y’know like what to do tonight, I think we have narrowed it down to a DVD or Scrabble.” I add sarcastically
                “Oh, so THAT’S what you call it nowadays. Ahahahaaaa…Well, just wanted to let you know that coach wanted to speak to you. As soon as possible.”
                Coach. Talk to me. What the hell could this be about? My fitness? No, that’s alright. Why am I not at training? No I explained that. I ring him back, straight away. He takes a while to answer, I’m getting frustrated. Just answer your damn phone.
                “Ah, Rory, I’ve been waiting to hear from you. I have some MASSIVE news for you.”
                “OK. Please tell me?”
                “You’ve been selected for Scotland. They were mightily impressed with your work and your talent.” My head is pounding, I cannot have heard this right. Me playing for Scotland, this only happens in my dreams. I must have spluttered something. He repeats it, “You have been selected for Scotland” I hang up in some kind of daze, dash downstairs trying to put boxers on at the same time, it nearly ends in disaster with me at the bottom of the stairs in a crumpled heap. I rush into the kitchen and just hug my girl, kiss her everywhere. My big break, my chance to show everyone.
                “What’s up with you?” she says with a smile
                “I have been selected for Scotland” I say a grin all over my face, I am SO happy, “It’s my big break!” When I say that she just hugs me and hugs me. She knows how much this means to me, I just know she will support me. I can’t wait to tell my Mum, she will be mightily proud of me. I just want to run into the street and shout at the top of my lungs. 

The End

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