I stand there in shock. In the past few minutes someone has commented that they wanted to fuck me and Rory has threatened them with violence. Something he has never done or I have not known him to do. I am still quiet when we reach the car, the culprits are still talking about me, I have the feeling Rory does not know this so I keep it from him. I do not want a full on fight outside of college and also do not want Rory getting hauled in for physically assaulting a minor. I get in the car in silence, Rory is looking at me.
                “Are you mad at me?” he says, rather shyly. He turns my face so it faces him. His face really is adorable, he looks kind of ashamed at the possibility he has upset me.
                “No, don’t worry. I’m not mad at you,” I say with a smile, I kiss him gently then bring my head back, “It’s just, what you said to him, has kind of knocked me back. I didn’t realise you would go to that extreme for me.”
                “Baby, I would do anything for you, you know that. If it meant walking from Glasgow to here I would do it, just to see your face. That idiot has nothing on me. I just don’t like people talking about you in that tone, that’s all.”
                “You would do anything?” I say with a smile, “So hows about a kiss? Oh and a massive hug when we get back and a romantic evening tonight?” I reason that that is a good request, perhaps the romantic evening is a bit of a long shot, but worth a try I suppose. I turn and see that Rory has a smile pasted across his face.
                “Your wish is my command” he said, kissing me gently before gesturing to me that we should get going.
                I am not normally a nervous driver but today, right now, I’m scared I am going to hit something. It really doesn’t not help that some, frankly crap, drivers have parked half a foot away from both bumpers and the road is busy so it will take ages to get out of this space. Also does not help that the idiots who caused Rory’s rage are watching me. Bloody hell. After an eternity (in actual fact, it was only five minutes), much shouting/ranting/swearing (me) and nervous looks (Rory) we are on the main road, heading for our destination.
                At the traffic lights Rory takes hold of my hand, and entwines our fingers.  I look down to the gearstick and smile, this small gesture is giving me all the comfort I need at the moment. The only problem with this is that I have to untangle our fingers to go round the roundabout, I can’t cope with going round one handed. My favourite song on the CD comes on, I start to sing along and do a little dance, Rory starts laughing at me and mocking me. Lovely. I promptly tell him to shush and continue with my karaoke session.
                After more ranting and raving about the traffic and singing on my behalf, we eventually reached my flat. I have never been as happy to see the sight of my tiny house before.
                I moved out from my parent’s house when I was 16. I however would say that moving out was a term to be loosely used, more chucked out.  They were NOT impressed when they found out I had been sleeping with Rory before I was 16. I knew they were unimpressed with him to begin with; they were even less impressed when they found out about this. I personally thought they were over reacting, after all I had been seeing him for near enough two years before they found out. Thankfully I persuaded them to not contact the police. Since I was gracefully asked to leave, I have been living in this flat, paid for my darling aunt. My parents and brother have since relocated abroad, to do with my Dad’s job, I elected to stay here, although I’m sure they weren’t too bothered. So now, I share my time between here and Rory’s house in Glasgow. The majority of the time I’m there, I treat it as a second home, but it doesn’t seem to bother him thankfully.
                I all but run through the door, straight to the kitchen. I need a drink, otherwise I might just scream. I hear Rory follow me, not entirely sure where he has gone, I don’t see any signs of cases. He usually dumps them in the kitchen and expects me to sort them out, I don’t mind on the whole.
            Before I know it, his hands are all over me again, this just feels so right, it never fails. All the times he has done it, and still it feels like the first time. Now we are in private it feels better. He bends over and whispers something in my ear, I can hardly hear him, but I don’t care. I just nod and hope it’s the right thing to do. He whispers again, louder this time.
                “I have something to tell you baby” I look turn to look at him, and snake my hands around his back and pull myself close to him, “I love you” he says simply. I pull myself as tight as I can to him and kiss his front, yes I am ashamed to say I don’t even reach his shoulders. I smell him, he smells lovely, first time in ages I’ve smelt him. He lifts me up onto the worktop; thankfully I tidied it before college. Doing this is the easiest way to get kisses, I can’t reach and he hurts his neck bending down. I look deep into his blue eyes and melt, wrapping my hands around his neck and pull him close for a kiss whilst murmuring that I loved him too, with all my heart. I wrap my legs around his hips; I can feel that he has gone slightly hard, this pleases me that I have this effect on people. Goddammit, he is tracing patterns on my back! I’m too ticklish and therefore let out a giggle crossed with a moan. He senses it’s time to move on, to a different room. He carries me upstairs, still in the same position and enters my bedroom and lowers me onto the bed. I want him to take my dress off; I want him too, right this second.  This boy is amazing, it is like he reads my mind, off comes the dress, it gets a bit stuck on my shoulders so call out to him that he needs to tug a little, soon enough it’s off. He lets out a laugh at my hair, obviously I’m hilarious and my hair funnier. He struggles to take off his own top, his arms are bashing against the ceiling, I laugh at him and before I know it he has pinned me to the bed. I surrender to his kisses; he focuses them on my neck then lower, then lower. The leggings come off next, complete with underwear. He kisses me over and over again; I think I could come there and then. I manage to wriggle out of this, and manage to work his sweatpants and boxers down with my feet. Now that is some skill, I think to myself, he does the rest of the work and kicks them off.
                Now for some old school loving, he pings off my last piece of clothing, my bra. Spends the same amount of time on each breast, they are his friends, he is now fully hard. Not long now, not long now. I wrap my legs around him as he moves me further up the bed, so I can rest on the pillows, then he is in me. It feels so good; I don’t ever want it to stop. I can feel every bit of him, some outside my body, some inside. I kiss every part of his body I can reach, so does he. He moves up and down with me, he flips me over so I’m on top for a while. I enjoy it, plus we can’t have him using up all his energy in one go. After all, I need another dose later. It’s all over too soon; we both come, in quick succession. We continue to cuddle each other, still joined by every limb.  
                It appears that we have entered a post-coital slumber. I awake to find myself in Rory’s arms, he is awake, just watching me. I smile, I rather enjoy it when he does that, makes me happy that he is willing to sacrifice his own beauty sleep for mine. I kiss his nose gently and get up and put on his t-shirt, he thinks it’s sexy when I do that. I bend over by the bed where he is and whisper to him ‘You are coming with me on Friday night, you do realise that? I’ve kept you secret for too long’. I am referring to a college night out, the ultimate place for underage drinking and sex. Something which I know a lot about. He can then meet one of my long standing friends, Jo. She has been dying to meet him, but has never had the chance.
                He smiles at me,  grabs my waist and starts tickling me. I giggle like a childish schoolgirl and kiss him once more. 

The End

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