I’m not going to lie. It is difficult trying to maintain a long distance relationship especially when both parties are in different countries. However, I think me and Jen have done pretty well, three and a bit years and still going strong and not a one hint of a huge argument. What is that common saying? Oh yes, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ I can totally agree with that, I cherish every moment I have with my gorgeous girlfriend. I make the most of it and I make the most of her. Due to the physical distance between us, it is hard to say how long I can be down here for, before I need to dash home to resume my sporting duties.
             I have been sat on this bloody wall for ages and my arse is starting to go slightly numb. It will be worth it in the end though. I know she has to pass out this way; her car is parked metres from my seat. I smile when I think of her face; it will be a picture when she sees me. I must admit, I found it hard lying to her pretending to come back tomorrow night instead, all I wanted to do was text and say I was sat in her living room waiting for her to come home. I obviously had to send texts to Rachel and Tom so they knew what was happening and knew that she would be slightly upset. Also partly, because if Rachel saw me, she would be likely to hit me.
             I think of the times we have spent together, long walks, hours spent cuddling in front of the TV and the hours spent in each other’s arms in bed. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I can honestly say I love her with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. My friends think I’m crazy. They don’t see how I can be a in a relationship with someone so young, they think it’s wrong, I disagree. I don’t think of her as younger than me, I treat her as if she is the same age as me. Most of all, I respect her, which is more than can be said for my friends. My absolute feckers of friends constantly try and get me to shag any bird under the sun. I will not cave in though, if I did my whole world would come crashing down around my ears, although I have the feeling my friends would not be too disheartened if it did happen.
             The noise of voices distracts me from my thoughts. In the distance I can hear Rachel; a smile works its way across my face. Next thing I know, they have walked past me and Rachel shoots me a glance. It is time. I must say, she is looking very pretty today, not that she doesn’t anyway. She is wearing a dark pink ensemble; it just sticks in just the right places, just over her boobs and hips. I run up behind her and put my hands round her waist, trying not to hurt her, as she is still walking. I’m home, I have dreamt about this day for ages. She turns around and sees me, her face is shocked but happy at the same time, she looks like she is trying to get out words, but her mind is not cooperating.
             I lift her up so she can kiss me, I know she wants too. Everyone is staring, but like Jen I don’t care, this is our moment. I put her down and take in her beauty. She is not stick thin, nor is she getting plump, just the right size. I often get told that she is going to lose a bit of weight, I try and dissuade her every time, and after all I like to get hold of something. I hug her tighter, she is mine.
           “Yeah, so, I’ll be off then..You two have some catching up to do. Jen, don’t worry about the lift home, I’ll walk I need the exercise!” Rachel eventually says
           “Only if you’re sure. I honestly don’t mind?” Jen says, tearing her gaze away from me.
           “No, its fine. I’ll see you tomorrow” Rachel turns and walks off, leaving me and Jen alone.
             I lead her back to the wall where I was sat for so long waiting for her. My arse has only just recovered, now for some more pain. I sit back down, surprisingly she doesn’t. Instead she stands in front of me, I like it.
             “I thought you were coming tomorrow?” she manages to say eventually, still in shock. I may possibly have to feed her a drink when we get back, just to calm her down a bit.
             “Well, I was going to, but then I thought ‘What am I playing at?’ I have the most beautiful girl waiting for me, why would I delay seeing you any longer?” I say, surprising myself slightly.
             She leans closer to me and works her way between my legs, I hope to God we don’t have to get up in the near future, otherwise it could prove embarrassing. I think to myself, who wouldn’t get in this state? I pull her closer and gently put my hand under her top, gracefully of course. My hand is now very close to her bare skin, I use this opportunity to pull her as close as I can without actually entering her. Our soft lips touch gently, I am enjoying this moment. Well I was until an utter cunt ruined the moment by saying, ‘I would fuck that’. I pulled away from her, she sensed I was getting angry, I felt like punching the utter knob, how dare he say such a thing.
             “Just ignore him, Rory, please?” she says sweetly, she placates me slightly, I still want to hit him, “Can we go please?”
             We stand up, fingers entwined. The idiot who made the comment said something to his friend and started to walk towards us.
             “Look, I’m sorry mate,” he said looking up at my height, “It’s just, she is hot. Got a bit carried away”
             “Well,” I said, using my height and Scottish drawl to my advantage, “In future, please find someone else’s girlfriend to hit on. As this one is very much taken, and if you lay a dirty little finger on her, I will find you and punch yer lights out”
             The cunt looks shocked. He manages to splutter an apology followed by surprise that I threatened him with violence. No-one, I repeat, no-one talks like that about my girlfriend. 

The End

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