During the drive down to town, I have been mulling over the possibility of a relationship between two of my best friends. I was very distracted and nearly ran a red light until Rachel screeched at me. Christ, had I been oblivious to this for the past two years? I mean, why else would she be so keen for him to come with us on numerous occasions and outings. Is all becoming very clear now. I am having to tell myself to be pleased for my best friend, finding herself a fancy man at last, so used to her being there for me at every hour of the day, not too sure on how I can cope with this changing.
                Rachel and Tom walked into Spoons with me following close behind, still in some kind of daze. I did, however, notice they hardly took their eyes off each other. Maybe playing cupid at a later date, only possibly though, and only when I know feelings of both friends otherwise I will look like a prize plum and/or lose closeness with said friends. We order light food, well sandwiches and Rachel orders herself and Tom an alcoholic drink, I typically have to stick to my orange juice. Inwardly I curse my ability to drive and my consequent job as a taxi driver.
                Missed possible opportunity to nobble Rachel at the bar, but was busting to visit the ladies. When I returned they were nattering away at the table, another missed opportunity. Told Rachel I had left my phone in the bathroom, when out of sight, I sent her a sneaky text, ‘Come meet me in the toilets. Need to say something. Quick. X’. That should do it, I thought. Within a few minutes Rachel  has rounded the corner, obviously has managed to pull herself away from Tom for long enough to talk to me.
                “What is this all about Jen?” she hissed, clearly annoyed, “Why all the secrecy? You’re not hiding something are you?”  she said looking suspiciously toward my stomach.
                “Good Lord, no” I think I sound shocked. How could my best friend think I could be that irresponsible as to not use contraception, “No, all that is sorted. Pills, etc” I’m getting annoyed now. She can’t tell.
                I swallow, it’s now or never I suppose. If this backfires I am going to look like a right twat. Shit. I had all my arguments and discussions planned in my head but they have all disappeared just like that. I start to talk, but I have no idea what is going to come out.
                “Right. Rachel. This is going to appear and sound very blunt, but I’m just going to come out and say it. Do you like Tom?”
                “How do you mean ‘like’” she spluttered, “Do you mean like in a ‘I-wouldn’t-kick-him-out-of-bed’ way or ‘I like you, let’s be friends’ way?”
                “You know which way I mean,” I look at her, waiting for an answer. In my mind I am hurrying her up, otherwise Tom will realise something is up.
                “Well,” she said looking rather embarrassed, “I guess I do like him like that. I mean who wouldn’t really? Do you think he knows? Is it that obvious?”
                I look at her and nod simply. I was right. I was right I think to myself. Now that I’ve got that extract of information out of her, my attentions must turn to Tom. Make the mental note of finding out his feelings before she does, otherwise she could be left broken hearted. I take Rachel into my arms and give her a hug and kiss the top of her head, this is not that difficult given that her head only reaches my shoulders. We return to the table and Tom looks confused, probably wondering why it took two people to ‘find’ a phone. We managed to concoct a lie, it was said that I was still upset about Rory. To which Tom made some comment that if he was my boyfriend, he wouldn’t keep me waiting like that and he would come earlier than planned. Honestly, if I wasn’t in a long term relationship, I would kiss him. Although I’m sure that if I did I would get physically assaulted by Rachel. After he had finished his piece, I turned to Rachel and let out a small, diminutive smile, she looked rather taken aback, almost as if she wanted to be in my shoes.
                We talked for what seemed like hours. Talking about detailed things but also about trivial little things, the things that really got on our napper, that we got annoyed at or at things we disagreed with. This was the perfect way to spend my dinner hour, until I looked at my watch. My watch informed me that it was five to the hour. That couldn’t be right, could it? I looked at my phone, hoping to see a totally different time, but instead it just confirmed that if we didn’t hurry up, we were going to be late.
                “Oh, shit” I said in a loud voice, in the hopes of getting their attention, it worked, “Come on guys. If you two don’t hurry up. We’re going to be late. And I don’t know about you, but I just wanna get this day over with as quickly as possible.”
                The two lovebird hopefuls shot a glance at each other and had a smile to themselves. Get a room was my thought. By the time we got back to college, I was raging. They had spent so long wittering on in Wetherspoons, there was now nowhere to park the car. So I dropped them off, turned round, told my tutor what I was doing, I caught her walking through the car park and drove off in a huff, in search of an elusive parking space.
                Having finally found a parking space, down a side street near college, I hurried back to my tutor, and made my excuses and sat down. I have never been that keen on rushing to last lesson, never, but today was different. Today I just wanted to go, wanted to be immersed in the craziness that is our class and be surrounded by my best friend. The only problem being that my bloody tutor made me late, so I looked like a right tit walking in 5 minutes late, redder than the stop light at the traffic lights. Made mental note to get more fit, nearly descended into girly giggles about exercise, decided it would be inappropriate.
                My last lesson went pretty quickly. The usual gossip ensued, talking about who was doing what and what was happening in the world. Me and Rachel managed to get a few words in, not much though. Some idiots wanted to know about me and Rory, I refuse to talk about us though. I feel a relationship is between two people, not two people and who ever cares to take an interest. The only place I talk about my relationship is my diary. The teacher dismisses the lesson early, as so often happens in this place. Rachel turns to me/
                “Are you remembering you are taking me home?”
                Shit, had forgotten I had promised to do that. Also need to text Rory back, had forgotten to do it earlier. Shot him a text ‘It’s alright lovely. Got lots to tell you, see you soon..
Yes, I’m not forgetting! We have to do a bit of a walk for the car though; bloody idiots doing their crappy parking in the car park meant I had to park elsewhere.”
           We walked out of college still nattering away, dodging everyone still managing to maintain a conversation. We walk out of the gate, missing all the smokers. Rachel turns round for a minute, just a glance, but still. I don’t take any notice and carry on talking, nine to the dozen. Before I know it, there are hands round my waist and someone breathing around my head. I stop and turn round, confused. It’s Rory. I repeat. IT’S RORY. I think I must be seeing things, he isn’t supposed to be here. He is supposed to be in Scotland, not here. I’m really confused, my face must be a picture, and he has a smile pasted across his face.
               “I thought I would come and surprise you!” he said, in his adorable accent, “Thought you might miss me too much”
               I crane my neck up so I can see him better, goddammit why is he so tall? I do not say anything, I cannot say anything. Rachel is staring at me for my next move; I don’t know what to do. I stretch up to kiss him, it won’t work, and he is too tall. He senses what I am after and lifts me up a little. I am not normally one for overly massive public displays of affection, but who cares! I move closer to his lips, they touch gently at first then harder, I don’t care we are blocking the path, I don’t care we are making everyone stare. I am with my boy and that is all that matters. 

The End

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