How do I make it stop?

Do you ever feel trapped inside of yourself?
Like your heart has been sucked out by a vaccuum or your soul has been devoured?
You make mistakes that you don't understand.

You want to change your ways because you hate them but they are also so close to home that it's nearly impossible?
You even feel comfort within the hatred because you've become so accustomed to it.

Do you sit and ponder on what things would be like if you had chosen an alternative route?
A route you know is where your heart is but your head won't allow you to follow.
Demons scream inside of you, at you.

You feel worthless.
You feel as if you made the wrong decision knowingly but did it willingly anyway.
You feel crazy.

How do I make it stop?
What is wrong with me?
Where do I go from here?

The End

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