At her lockerMature

She opened her locker in hurry. She wasn’t sure why she felt so anxious but she just wanted to get out of this place.  She quickly grabbed her notebook and just as she was about to leave something fell out.  It was a letter, looked like a new one. Jesus Christ when will these pranks letters stop.


 The beach sand almost shimmered under the giant yellow sun. Sadly he was the only oen there to enjoy it.

he was alone. His short black hair gently blew in the wind as the shun shone on his somewhat tanned brown skin. With a small stick in his hand he slowly wrote thing in the sand. After a few minutes the tide would come in and wahs it away. Then he would start writing again. 


He sat there all day writing. when the sun began to set, he slowly stood up. He looked out to the horizon and whispered "where ever you are i hope my feelings reach you". He then quietly turned around and walked away.

As the moon woke the tide became fierce and engulfed and began engulfing anything close enough o the water. The fierce tide quickly washed over the traces of the writing left behind by he boy.  It washed over the writing and again and again. However, the writing clung to the sand in desperate please as if to almost say "i cannot be wiped out, i need to deliver this message".


The beach seemed like the only place to go to relax, no one ever went there so there would be very small chance of anyone seeing her cry. She collapsed on the sand and breathed heavily. What was happening to her? These letters they were killing here. She would graduate in 2 short weeks but she could not concentrate on work, friends or even sex. I mean for god's sake she was graduating, she should be on top of the world but instead she felt liek a black hole was slowly swallowing her up.


She crashed don the sand making imprints of her body as she laid down. She turned on her side and closed her eyes. She slowly drifted off to sleep.


A boy with black hair sat on the dark beach slowly writing in the sand with a small stick. The fierce tides brought on by the moon were swirling around him like hungry vultures. Yet he stayed and wrote. what was he writing she thought, what was so important to him that he would risk to much.


Suddenly she awake in shock. The icy cold water had soaked her almost completely. IT was dark out, and the tides were getting pretty bad. wait a minute she said. She looked around in daze. This looks just like my dream. hEr head spun around as if expecting to see the boy. He wasn’t there.


Suddenly the tides parted, in fact they disappeared. The beach looked calm without any hint of its previous state. The moon light almost seemed to intensify and the beach sand started to sparkle. Across the entire bank, small writing were present. She could not make them out from where she was but she began to move closer.

She slowly paced up and down the beach reading the chicken scratch. There was so much chaos. it was everything where. Almost as if someone spilled their entire life story onto the beach sand.

She moved to the far side of the beach and began to read slowly.


i want to see you., i want to see you more than anyone

just once more, i want to see you more

i know if my feeling are clear , they will reach you some day


she crouched closer to the writing. She started at it. Slowly she began to cry.

The End

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