how do you really feelMature

how do you really? are you sorry? are you happy with yourself. are glad that thigns ended up tyhis way? do you ever, even ocne feel guilt? Your not sorri. you might say your are but your not. If your truly were sorry believe me thigns woudl have been different.

You in a nutshell.....selfish love. YOu are for yourself and only you. You never loved me. What u did love was that u had a brillaint pieace of arm candy to show off. what u ddi love was that you has a pet. what u ddi love was that you woudl coem 6 times in 6 seconds. However, as soon as your arm candy began to speak, you walked.

i soemtimes feel guilty that maybe it was my fault. Maybe if i had just shut my mouth and smiled you woudl have been happy. When did i ever have an real feelign for you. On the day you walked out on me. Hope your smart enought to udnerstand that.

i finally figured out how i felt. When i told you i loved you, i meant i am so very happy i met you. When i todl you you are beautiful, i meant love me! when i said i missed you , i meant this shuld keep things going. Im not angry that you walked out. i am angry that you treated me liek dirt.

God doesnt love you that much. your not special. your not anything. Your justa nother girl in this world. youthink that you have authrotiy to treat people the way you do? your trash, cnsider yourself lucky we ever took the time out for you.

you god damn snobb

The End

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