back of my headMature

She walked into her class and quite sat down.  The seat was empty.The letter raced throuhg her mind. She left something, sympathy, anger, relaiszation of a mistake or had the letter simply caught her off guard.

 She was quite suprised with the passion. Her last boyfriend jeremy was not the passionate kind. In fact that was the reason she left him, he was like dull brick wall. Pherhaps he had a side she had never seen. She sat there quitely and waited fillding with her hands in anxiety.

Finally he walked in! She beathed a sigh of relief. that letter had really scared her. She knew right then and there she loved him. He was so passionate and deep and she needed him. She walked right up to his desk bent down and hugged him. She hugged him tightly but she felt no warmth from him. She released her grip on him and look at his face. He sat there with confused look.

 He looked at her with blank look "what" he said in his usual mono toen voice. Th-he he-the letter, i loved. she said and she imidiately felt her face turn red. Once again she looked back at him only to fidn a blank stare. "wh-what letter?" he asked.

it hit her like a ton of bricks, it wasnt him. Who else coudl it be!
"Ju-just kidding Jeremy! "she said quickly trying to cover up her onvious connundrum. " ju-pwan-nnana go out" he asked he stutering. "ya , i woudl love to" she instantly replied.

"What the mother fuking fuk! "she screamed in her head! "why di i just do that and now were going on date. urgh". her head collpased into her arm on her desk and she fell asleep.

She started to dream. it wasnt real dream, it was different. My head kept screaming "who was it, who was it who was it". Somehow i felt i knew the answer but at the same time i didnt.

When i opned the letter i knew i felt i cried. i dont have feeling for Jeremy. I cried becuase it had warmth i had not felt in a long time. In the bakc of my head i can recall someone in my past that had that warmth but i dont know who it is. Maybe its all in my head. i need sleep

The End

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