Coming Home to Trouble

  The medicine was in bottles. The bottles were in the cupboard. The cupboard was above the counter, at the rear of the kitchen. Jack and Piglet were in the lead, hurrying to the small kitchen, climbing over mountains of kitchen chairs and skirting the treacherous slopes of the dining table as they went. Missy followed more slowly, taking the easier route along the floor. They soon crossed the threshold onto the tiled floor, and above them towered high the solid white counter top with the flimsy wooden doors below. Without a moment's pause, Jack bounded onto the counter, climbing up and over whilst maintaining his balance atop the counter's surface.

   “You're not supposed go up there,” Missy snapped testily. She stood at the front of the kitchen, guarding its only entryway.

   “But it's mom!” Jack pleaded, continuing his advances toward the cupboard. He reached up, wobbling a little as he did so, and batted at the cupboard's door. “She needs medicine!”

   “Mom gives me some of those pills, sometimes,” Piglet assessed, sticking a tongue out. “I'm not sure they're all that good.”

   “We gotta do something!” Jack was persistent, and pawed at the cupboard door with vigor. Mom and dad seemed to open it so easily; how did they get a hold of it?

   Gaining an inch of leverage, Jack slipped a hand underneath the door and pried it open. On the other side of the door, he eyed a wide assortment of smaller bottles along side boxes and bags of precooked people food.

   There were so many bottles of so many difference sizes, tall bottles or squat bottles, each with different labels. Alien symbols covered them all. “But which is it?” Jack cried, concerned. “Which one is the medicine for mom?”

   Frantically, Jack began to paw through the different bottles, knocking them loudly to the tiled, wooden floor. Missy snapped at them again to keep down the racket, concerned that they might be heard, whilst Piglet weaved through the toppled bottles, trying to find the one he thought was right. He found the smaller bottle he recognized as containing the pills given to him and shied away from it as if it might hurt him.

   Their search continued for the magic medicine for mom when they suddenly heard the front door start to open, causing all of them to start and stare, wide-eyed and panicked.

The End

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