Moans and groans were heard from the other side of the bathroom door. Then came a splashing noise. The Ladyfriend was choking out the remnents of the brothy soup and crackers she had tried to eat earlier. She had already called in to work and shooed her worried manfriend off to work for the day. She sobbed again as another painful cough brought up more stomach fluids.

"She's in pain and I can't help Mom." Jack tried to wiggle the handle of the door again but was unable to loosen it.

"We'll just wait for her here Jack. Give her a moment." Stinky had stretched out on the floor. "I know I hate it when you guys crowd me when I'm coughing up a hairball."

"But she's in there with the water. Didn't you here the splash?"

"I'm with Jack. We have to get in there and help Mom." Missy had appeared from nowhere and was now trying to help Jack open the door.

Piglet decided to help the only way he knew how...He cryed load and long. After what seemed to be hours but really only moments, the Ladyfriend opened the door to find all her kitties staring up at her with wide eyes.

"Babies, Momma is gonna go lay down for awhile and you be good for me?" She had crouched down and began to pet all of their little heads. She then swaggered to the bedroom to the comfy bed and drove under the warm inviting sheets. But due to the fever she still shivered.

Worried and feeling cuddlly, Jack snuggled in by his momma's tummy like when he was a kitten. Following suit the other promtly joined him. They kept her warm until she drifted off to sleep.

"Mom's fever is still hot. What do we do Stinky?" Jack had pressed his face to his mothers to feel the tempeture of the fever.

"I don't know. Why are you asking me?" She had curled around Mom to hold her from behind.

"Because you know what they do. You've been like studying Mom and Him forever." Jack looked away as he had said 'him'. He wasnt sure if he like 'him' yet because he made mom cry sometimes but also made her happy. But he wasnt sure how he felt about 'him' climbing on Mom and bouncing on her. That seemed like it hurt alot.

"OO..OO... I know! We can get Mom those treats they keep up in the cupboard. Those ones Chris takes in the morning after Mom gets his breakfast for him." Piglet sits upright from his spot by the piggies. (toes/feet)

"How are treats going to help Mom, you idiot? She makes a hairball after drinking water even." Missy glared at Piglet.

"Treats always make me feel better."

"Those aren't treats you guys. It's medicine. It's like the stuff they made us eat when we had fleas." Stinky yawns and cuddles closer to Mom.

"The medicine worked on the fleas so it'll work on Mom, right?" Jack got up carefully not to wake is resting mother.

"We'll wait for Chris to get home. He'll know what to do." Stinky closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

"But we have to do something. What if she gets worse? What if He doesnt get back intime?" He started to panic and go wide eyed but Stinky was already asleep.

"Don't worry Jack. We'll find the the medy cen. I was gonna get up to get a snack anyway. We'll just make a pit stop on the way" Piglet got up and started towards the door and waited for Jack to fallow.

"I'll go with you 2 to keep you out of trouble" Missy got up and walked over to where the brothers were standing with her hands on her hips.

And so they started there new adveture to find the medicine for Mom.

The End

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