House to house bed to bed family to family...Mature

I don't know why I'm here, no one ever really told me. I know I'm not allowed to see my parents for A reason but no body told that reason either.I was kept in the dark for most of my life but I'm determined to find out why I can't even see the people that brought me into this world. I don't even know whether I have any brother or sisters and if there is a chance that I do I don't remember meeting them.

The tinted blue room houses many particles of furniture, most of which do not belong to me. But strangely no personality, considering in the past it gas had a variety of tenants. Slowly and delicately unpacking my clothes into the matching White bed side units I freeze A picture of Jess and I placed under a small amount of clothes. Most of my stuff was back at the old house. I'm not meant to talk about it, back there apparently it's to scary of daunting but it's the only thing that ever made sense in my life.

In the picture she has platinum blonde hair, it was all natural though mum nor dad would let her dye it, we happily sat on the beach wall enjoying our ice creams this was one of the vary rare times that we was all happy. It was on a Sunday, I remember this like it was yesterday. I wish it was. They decided to take us on a mini holiday Jess wore her lace shorts and red bikini top which flaunted of her flat stomach, which I luckily inherited. I wore my denim dungarees that were a size to big so you could see my floral bikini.After our ice cream we strolled along the sand, Jess took of her sandals I copied naturally.

That was my last memory of us all together after that it was a blur, it went quick. House to house bed to bed family to family....

The End

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